Union Waste: Retiring Wisc. Teachers Given a Year’s Salary for 30 Day’s Work

As each week rolls onward we see more and more of the outrageous waste and unearned perks that government union teachers in Wisconsin are — ahem — fortunate enough to have gotten because of the unions “negotiating” with Wisconsin Democrats over the years. Another such outrage is a program where retiring teachers can earn a full year’s pay for 30 days work over a three-year-period.

This “emeritus program” allows retired teachers a full years pay for only 10 day’s work for during each of a three-year period (30 days total work).

Fox News Green Bay reports that the Green Bay School Board has suddenly approved requests by some 140 retiring teachers and 15 administrators to join the emeritus program likely because they know the writing is on the wall and they want to make one more run at the taxpayer’s bank before the gravy train grinds to a halt. Last year only 24 teachers were allowed to join the program.

That works out to 1 out of every 12 Green Bay teachers, Fox News reports.

140 teacher retirement requests approved: fox11online.com

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These are the sorts of illicit perks that purported public servants do not deserve, ever, under any circumstances. In fact, no public servant ever deserves any freebie perks at all. This is why it should be considered public service…. SERVICE. No one, not in any job, or any position, should be made rich off the backs of the people.

Of course, it would be great if every retiree in the nation could slip his boss a few hundreds bucks a year and then get such lucrative perks in return all at the expense of the other employees and the customers of the business. After all, this is precisely what these union thieves are doing. They are slipping the Wisconsin Democrat politicians a few bucks in campaign donations and in return they are getting a year’s salary and all for no real work at all.

Is this a good deal for the public, those people forced to pay for these high-living perks? Hardly. But this is the reason why government employees should not be allowed to have collective bargaining “rights.” The fact is that public employee unions are a permanent conflict of interest.

Public employee unions should again be made illegal like they always were before 1960. This “emeritus program” is precisely why.

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