Van Jones Resigns After Apparently Having Done Nothing Wrong

Personally, I had thought he would not resign as long as the left leaning media ignored the story about his 9/11 Trutherism, his racism, his communism, his Marxism, his America hatred, etc and so on (I left a comment at Nice Deb to that affect). Fortunately, I was wrong

White House environmental adviser Van Jones resigned Saturday after weeks of controversy stemming from his past activism.

“On the eve of historic fights for health care and clean energy, opponents of reform have mounted a vicious smear campaign against me,” Jones, special adviser for green jobs at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, said in a statement announcing his resignation just after midnight Saturday. “They are using lies and distortions to distract and divide.”

See? It’s your damned fault that his extremist past was exposed. Shame on you! Bad boys and girls! No biscuit!

He continued: “I have been inundated with calls — from across the political spectrum — urging me to ‘stay and fight.’ But I came here to fight for others, not for myself. I cannot in good conscience ask my colleagues to expend precious time and energy defending or explaining my past. We need all hands on deck, fighting for the future.”

Can anyone point out what he has actually done as “Green Jobs” czar? Anyone? Bueller? Why is he fighting in the first place? Shouldn’t he be doing the job?

Jones issued two public apologies in recent days, one for signing a petition that questioned whether Bush administration officials “may indeed have deliberately allowed 9/11 to happen, perhaps as a pretext for war” and the other for using a crude term to describe Republicans in a speech he gave before joining the administration.

Republicans have been forced to resign for much less, Sparky! But, as Nice Deb points out, we will surely be branded as racists for Van resigning.

Anyhow, you should feel ashamed of yourselves, neo-cons, for forcing out a guy who was just searching for the Truth and doing…something, not sure what… the Obama administration. /sarc off.

NBC entitles their story “Obama Aide Van Jones Resigns After GOP Attacks.” No real mention of anything other than his expletive laced rant against Republicans. Nothing about his Trutherism, his his Mumia support, etc. It’s just Republicans being mean. Humorously, when Republicans were “mean” while Bush was president, folks like Nancy Pelosi used to run over to the White House to sob about it. Now, whose shoulder do they whine on?

More: Shocker! Excitable Chucky decries what has become of “politcs in America.” In other words, he means you big meany Conservatives.

Evening update: Glenn Beck chimes in

The American people stood up and demanded answers. Instead of providing them, the Administration had Jones resign under cover of darkness. I continue to be amazed by the power of everyday Americans to initiate change in our government through honest questioning, and judging by the other radicals in the administration, I expect that questioning to continue for the foreseeable future.

In related news , World Net Daily is taking credit for “taking down the “red” czar.” Po-lease. You know who was huge? Glenn Beck and Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft. Add in all the bloggers on the right who covered this, all the people who commented, and Fox News. Not World Net Daily, which, quite frankly, has gone way out there in their Birth coverage.

Gateway Pundit is also on the story of MSMers whining about the “open sewer of Internet disinformation.

And, Excitable Chucky has become so unhinged that he banned someone (shocker!) for simply writing “Thank God for Glenn Beck.” See comment 113. Chucky’s response

re: #110 born conservative

And for that, you can just go support Glenn Beck somewhere else.

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