VIDEO: American Muslims Say Barbaric Sharia Law Should Supersede the U.S. Constitution

Last weekend Dr. Ben Carson got in trouble for saying that Islam is incompatible with the American way of life and that no one should vote for a Muslim for president. But many criticized him saying that Muslims are *just like us* and we should have no problem voting for a Muslim. But is it true? do Muslims respect American law and the U.S. Constitution? Not according to this video…

Do Muslims in the United States believe Sharia law supersedes the U.S. Constitution? Fox News contributor David Webb traveled to an Islamic cultural center in New York City and asked American Muslims that very question.

And guess what he found? That’s right, Muslims say that the Constitution is garbage that should be thrown out and be replaced by the so-called “law” that allows gay to be hanged until dead, that justifies the murder of little girls who dare to date the wrong man, that prevents women from going to school or even driving, that says that women have no right to fight back against rapists, that…. well, you get it.

Warner Todd Huston

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