VIDEO: Black Man SLAMS Democratic Party On National T.V. – ‘Dems Are Pimping Out Blacks Like Prostitutes!’

Many on the right have spent decades wondering how long it will take for African Americans to “get” the fact that they are being treated worse by the Democrat Party than they ever have at the hands of Republicans. And why don’t they realize Democrats treat them nearly as badly as Democrats did when they were the Civil War era Party of slavery, not to mention the party of Jim Crow!?

Well, lately some few voices in the African American community have been piping up and making it clear that they do, indeed, understand that the Democrats are the worst of the worst and have done the black community no favors at all.

Houston, Texas, activist and New Black Panther Party member Quanell X is NO supporter of the GOP or Donald Trump. But in a recent TV interview he laid it out true and clear noting that the Democrats have been pulling the wool over the eyes of blacks for well over 50 years.

Listen to his words…

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“We have been voting for the Democratic Party like no other race in America, and they have not given us the same loyalty and love that we have given them”

“We are being pimped like prostitutes. They are the big pimps, pimping us politically, promising us everything, and we get nothing in return.”

Now watch this interview…


Warner Todd Huston

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