[VIDEO] Bobby Jindal Slams Hillary for Criticizing ‘Anchor Babies’ While She Says ‘Fetal Tissue’ Instead of Babies

Bobby Jindal performed some fantastic media Jujitsu by turning Hillary’s criticism that the term “anchor babies” was offensive back in her face by reminding America that abortionists are “science deniers” for calling aborted babies “fetal tissue” instead of babies.

Hillary has been going around saying that the phrase “anchor babies” is racist and mean to law breaking illegal immigrants. So a Fox News anchor asked Jindal if he thinks Hillary is right about that. Jindal, though, deftly turned the question right back at the life-hating, science-deniers on the left…

When asked by Fox News on Thursday whether the term “anchor baby” is “offensive,” as suggested by Hillary Clinton, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal deflected the question and explained what he does find offensive.

“You know, what I find offensive is Hillary Clinton, the left, when you look at those Planned Parenthood videos — they refuse to call them babies, they call it fetal tissue, they call them specimens,” Jindal said during a Fox News interview. “That’s what offensive.”

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Jindal then made sure to note that Planned Parenthood is “protesting against my decision to cancel their Medicaid contract to make sure they are not getting taxpayer dollars in Louisiana.”

“What we’re going to do is display those Planned Parenthood videos so people are reminded of that grotesque language,” he added. What’s really offensive is the left refuses to say ‘babies.’ Instead they say fetal tissue, specimens. They are a bunch of science deniers.”

Oh, that was SWEET, Mr. Jindal!

Warner Todd Huston

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