Video: Constitution Hard for Lefties Because It’s So Darn Old

Well, it’s no wonder that leftists in America — you know, those folks that pretend to be Americans — have such a problem understanding the Constitution. It’s hard for them, you see, because… well… it’s old.

This stark revelation was disgorged from the mouth of famed lefty blogger, and TV Wunderkind Ezra Klein of the Washington Post on Dec. 30 on MSNBCs The Daily Run Down.

Host Norah O’Donnell started a segment about how Republicans want to start “returning to the Constitution,” and that they will begin this coming session with a reading of the Constitution. O’Donnell wondered if it was just a “gimmick”? So she turned to Klein for answers. That in itself is amusing since he is a left-wing wonk yet is being expected to answer for the Republicans.

In any case, it was natural that Klein would just imagine that the Constitution is a “gimmick,” but it is also telling what else he said about the document…

Thats right, folks. That stupid old Constitution is confusing because it was written “over a hundred years ago.” It’s just so darn old, ya know?

Well, I guess he’s right. Except for the “100 years ago” part because it was written over 200 years ago, not just 100. Oh, and the fact that there is 200 years of scholarship to help inform anyone of what it says, so it isn’t really all that confusing. There are debates, sure, but it isn’t just “confusing.”

No wonder the left can’t understand our national laws. They are congenitally unable to understand them!

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