Video: John Conyers Speaking at Democratic Socialists of America Meeting

Should Democrats “pal around” with socialists? Whether it is a good idea or not here we have a sitting congressman actually going to a group of socialists and addressing them at one of their meetings. It wasn’t that many years ago that such a meeting would ring the death knell for a politician’s career.

Today, though, it goes entirely without note.

On October 5, 2010, Congressman John Conyers went personally to speak before a meeting in Michigan’s of members of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).

The socialist that introduced Conyers reminded the gathered comrades that Conyers was a major sponsor of the single payer healthcare system. Amazingly Conyers noted that he was “honored” to be introduced by the socialist, too, and paid all due deference to those assembled.

He also said that he was happy to be among people “progressive enough” to accept the propriety of a “one world” system. Then he extolled the farcical idea of a federal “Department of Peace.” But interestingly, he gently ripped into President Obama’s continuation of “other administration’s” war policy and urged the folks to picket Obama. He also ripped into Press Secretary Gibbs for “trashing progressives and the left.”

Another of the farcical things this man said was that the Tea Party was “small and dismissible.” This is a fantastic statement. You may want to dismiss the Tea Party movement and its goals but to say that it is “small” simply flies in the face of reality.

(H/T Organization of Conservative Americans on Facebook)

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