VIDEO: NPR Execs Love Radical Islamists, Hate Conservatives/Tea Party

Undercover video maker James O’Keefe has struck again. This time he had his crew pose as members of a radical Islamic group that wanted to donate $5 million to National Public Radio (NPR) and during the lunch NPR execs said that they loved the radical Muslim group and hated American conservatives and Tea Partiers.

Remember, folks, we are supporting these terror-loving anti-Americans with out tax money…

Speaking of tax money, another very, very interesting bit of this video is that these NPR execs admitted that they really didn’t need the federal tax money that they are given every year. They admitted that they’d easily get by if it disappeared.

But imagine. Your tax money is going to support an American media outlet that hates half of America and finds themselves disposed to easily side with enemies of America that are responsible for terrorist attacks against us.

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Yep. time to defund them NOW!

Dave Weigel reports that the NPR exec seen in the video, Ron Schiller, has miraculously and suddenly left NPR for the Aspen Institute.

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