VIDEO of Beatles’ John Lennon Making Fun of Disabled People Shocks Fans

Liberals are losing their minds this week over a film clip that has surfaced showing John Lennon making fun of “retarded” people on stage during the early 60s hey day of the Beatles.

So, yes, liberals are tut-tuting a guy who died decades ago for making fun of “retarded” people on stage decades before his death. The story comes from the Daily Mirror….

Fans have been left shocked by disturbing footage of John Lennon mocking disabled people.

The Beatles legend was an inspiration to many, but over the years his darker side has been revealed – and TV show It Was Alright In The 1960s has brought him back under fire.
In an old clip from a live performance with the Fab Four, Lennon is seen pulling faces and making exaggerated movements in an offensive manner.

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The video resurfaced on the Channel 4 show this week, and it has prompted a disappointed reaction from viewers as they were reminded of the star’s views.

But really, for any one who has read much about John Lennon this should be no surprise. Lennon was often a miserable jerk of a fellow. He treated just about everyone he knew badly.

Still, let’s face reality with this clip. This film was made in 1962 or ’63 or so and back in those days no one batted an eye about joking around and “acting like a retard.” Everyone did it. It was thought to be funny.

So, all we really have here is modern liberals trying to impose their heightened sense of “offense” on people from 50 years ago when mores were different.

Warner Todd Huston

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