VIDEO: Pay Soldiers More Not Fast Food Workers Who Can’t Get Drive-Thru Orders Right

Eric Bolling has a message for the “liberal goon squad” of Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, and Bill Maher: let’s not hike the minimum wage and instead pay our soldiers more.

Bolling, host of Fox News’ Cashin’ In, makes the salient point that these coddled fast food workers who want $15 an hour are already making more than our solders who make only $8.86 an hour.

So he has a suggestion…

It’s time to wake up, America. The minimum wage debate shouldn’t be over the Big Mac server it should be over the Big Gun protectors of our freedom. We should be upping military pay by multiples rather than debating whether Johnnie should get 15 bucks an hour screw up my order to drive through. Why don’t we figure out a minimum wage for fast food workers than multiply it by a hundred because that’s what the military actually earns.

Be careful, though, every time I suggest we spend more money and troops Colbert, Stewart, and Maher go on the attack… we have our priorities backwards thanks to the liberal gone squad the mall Larry and Curly have the left.

The three stooges of the left should be ashamed of themselves.

Warner Todd Huston

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