VIDEO PROOF ==> Jimmy Carter Banned Iranian Immigrants From US During Hostage Crisis

VIDEO PROOF == data-src= Jimmy Carter Banned Iranian Immigrants From US During Hostage Crisis" />

In a big, “I told you so,” moment, Gateway Pundit has dug up video evidence of Jimmy Carter banning Iranian immigrants and students during the Iranian hostage crisis. Many of us lived through that time and can tell you for a fact that it happened, but the left is busy trying to revise history and deny it ever occurred. I was a kid then, but I remember standing in line with my Dad for hours waiting for gas rations. I remember Carter banning the Iranians. I remember the hate most Americans had for Carter and the relief when Reagan came into office. Trump has legal and constitutional precedent for his proposal to ban Muslim immigration until we can actually vet who is coming into the country. This vindicates him.


From Gateway Pundit:

The liberal media and Republican Party elites erupted this week after Donald Trump announced his plan to ban Muslim immigrants from the US until the government can assure it is safe to do so.

But Democrat Jimmy Carter did the same thing, and much more during the Iranian hostage crisis.

** Jimmy Carter banned Iranians from the US and deported Iranian students during the hostage crisis.

This footage is from ABC’s coverage of Democratic President Jimmy Carter’s April 7th, 1980 speech, regarding the US cutting relations with the Khomeinist regime in Iran. It was on every channel at the time and America was riveted by it. Being a kid, I was mostly bored. I’m not bored anymore, I’m horrified by the way things have spiraled out of control since Reagan’s time. The whole video can be seen here at ABC. FDR also banned immigrants during his term in office. So, if it was lauded by the left when a Democrat was in office, why is it soooo outrageous when Donald Trump proposes it? We are at war. Obama may not have formally declared it, but we all know we are. It’s a bloody shame we have to prove something like this so we can protect ourselves from our own treasonous leadership. The proof’s in the video – the left can choke on it.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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