(Video) Proof That British Students are Morons

Last week thousands of coddled British students rioted because the British government decided that its children would have to… gasp… earn their own way through college. No longer would these petulant brats be given a free ride through higher education says the government. And these punks are not very happy about it.

Well, one dimwitted 15-year-old child took to a mic at the so-called “Coalition of Resistance National Conference” held in Camden on November 27, 2010. Oh, this child was aghast over the government’s evil ways, he was exercised about his supposed rights, and outraged over how shabbily he and his generation is being treated. In fact, with all his passion, you’d have thought he and his ilk had been really mistreated, held back, oppressed even. But what was really at issue was that he was going to be expected to actually earn his own way through college.

This dimwitted child revealed his inability to think clearly in a public place. He certainly exemplified that old saying, “don’t just stand there allowing people to think you’re stupid, speak up and prove that you are.”

Take a look at how absurd this child is…

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I mean, really. This little boy stands there boldly claiming that he and his generation aren’t just going to sit there and “take whatever the government threw at them.” This moron doesn’t get that his logical disconnect is replete with stupidity. Of COURSE he’s going to sit there and take what the government is giving them. That is the whole point of his petulant blather. He WANTS government to give him free stuff.

This whole effort is a joke. For instance, these kiddies are arrogantly attempting to equate their quest for undeserved freebies to past protests. Whether you agreed with past student protests or not, they were about civil rights and preventing wars! These little punks aren’t interested in such high-minded issues at all. They just want free stuff!

This is proof that a British education is a joke, an empty gesture, a pale shadow of what it might once have been.

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