VIDEO Remy: Missing You – The Incandescent Light Bulb Song

Ode to the light bulb. You know. The one in its arrogance and un-Constitutional overreach that the creeps in Washington decided we are no longer “allowed” to have? Yeah that one.

There is no better example of why we need to be tearing down the power of government than this light bulb ban. None. It is totally emblematic of the arrogance of government and proof of how far astray America has gone from her founding principles.

Still, this video by Reason’s Remy is good parody. In fact, Remy is the only conservative, white guy who doesn’t embarrass me when he tries on rap for his parodies. Most of the time it is a disaster when conservative, white guys attempt to use rap to make a parody with a political message.

If you are unfamiliar with rap (and I am because I generally hate the stuff) this video is a parody of the one that Puff Daddy made when Notorious B.I.G. died. I’ve added that video at the bottom here in case you want to contrast and compare.

Of course, Remy has used rap before to get his great political message across. Here is one he did when the debt ceiling was a hot topic:

There was one other effective rap music video that had a conservative message recently. Here is the one contrasting the economic thinking of left-wing (and failure) John Maynard Keynes and conservative hero Frederick von Hayek.

Of course the thing that made it funny and effective is because it was such a funny thing to have old white guys rapping. Not because the rapping itself was good (like Remy’s is).

They made a follow up, by the way:

Just as well produced.

Any way, here is the one upon which the Remy video was based.

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