Video: Watch How These Marines React To Bush Vs Obama – It Speaks Volumes

There were many things I did not agree with Bush on… but he loved America, I never doubted that for a minute. The military loved Bush and Bush loved them right back. You can see it in how he personally interacted with the Marines here and how they respected and loved him as a leader. Obama… not so much. It’s obvious he hates them and they detest him. He only interacts with the brass and only because he has to. It looks like he would wash his hands if he could get away with it. What do you expect from a craven Marxist who blatantly hates America? Semper Fi guys.

From TPNN:

The differences between these two President is starkly different when you watch this video that TeaParty.Org created last year.

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It is clear that one of them has done everything in his power to take our nation from a nation that was once feared by other world leaders and now the only world leader that seems to fear us is Obama himself.

Even though we all can agree that President George W Bush was not perfect, this video shows you respected our military more and who our military clearly respected back!

Bush was the real deal. Dummies do not become fighter pilots and he served with distinction. The only thing Obama ever served was himself. And did anyone ever consider that Bush is chummy with Clinton just to shove it in Obama’s face? At that level of the political game, every interaction is a chess move. Bush supported our warriors and they fought like hell for him. Obama sends them to die… takes away their prayer, their food and their armament. He deserts them. Forget about leaving a single soldier behind – Obama has left our entire military behind. The Tea Party is right – it’s an entirely different military now and I don’t blame them in the least. They are a warrior class without a leader, left to fend for themselves and America is left without her protectors. Just the way Obama likes it.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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