WAIT! Where Did Mayor Of San Juan Get Custom-Made Hat And ‘Help Us We’re Dying’ T-Shirt?

WAIT! Where Did Mayor Of San Juan Get Custom-Made Hat And ‘Help Us We’re Dying’ T-Shirt?

Get your eyeballs well lubricated, because you are going to be rolling them quite a bit from here on out. CNN had sent their lackeys to Puerto Rico to get a story on the devastation of the island. By now, we know that the folks there are in dire need of food, water and basic essential needs. CNN flew Anderson Cooper over to the island to do what he does best – look enduring and make CNN look good by ‘being in the thick of it’.

The CNN host interviewed the Mayor of San Juan, who couldn’t help herself from lambasting President Trump for his response to her people suffering on the island…But there are quite of few hints that point out that this woman is lying through her teeth, holding on to politics over actually helping her people. CNN ain’t off the hook either. Watch as Anderson avoids asking the real questions.

Let’s all check out the following tweet and check out what the Mayor is talking about – and then what she chose to wear:

So, here is what’s really perplexing to me…

How in the hell does an elected official stand there on national TV and claim that Trump has done nothing to help them and that they are dying on a ravaged Puerto Rico – yet somehow have the time, the money and the capabilities to print out custom shirts and hats that are blatantly political attacks against the President?

Check out this tweeter who continues this question online:

And this one:

And of course, this beauty:

This is just plain and openly ridiculous. The only reason folks are starving and suffering is because the local officials like the Mayor of San Juan refused to prepare for such an event. They have no infrastructure – which is their responsibility – to distribute and organize a rescue attempt of the people. Maybe they should have spent their T-shit money on actually helping the people, eh?

Now to end this circus, this tweeter has pointed out the absolute best detail!

When twitter is good, it’s GOOD!

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