Walmart the Latest Victim of Newest Liberal Anti-Gun Tactic

The newest angle that anti-constitution liberals are using to push gun control is to force corporate boards to bow to political agendas in the boardroom instead of thinking of the bottom line. That is what is happening to Walmart right now as an anti-gun group that has shares in Walmart is trying to use its investment as a weapon to force Walmart to stop selling guns and ammo.

This group of investors tried to force Walmart to institute a no-gun policy that was based on the group’s social agenda and had nothing at all to do with business concerns. Walmart refused to do so and so the investor group took Walmart to court to force the company to bend to the anti-gun agenda.

In its first court case, Walmart lost and a left-wing, anti-constitution judge told Walmart to bow to the investor group’s will.

Now Walmart is appealing and if it loses again it will change how America does business… and for the worse.

Walmart’s right to sell firearms and ammunition is being threatened by a lawsuit.

Fox Business Network reporter Adam Shapiro reported on “Fox and Friends First” this morning that a court decision could stop the retail giant from selling guns, which could change the way publicly traded companies do business in the United States.

Shapiro said that Trinity Wall Street Church in New York City owns stock in Walmart.

“The church sued the Walmart when they refused to place a proposal on the shareholder ballot at the annual company meeting,” he explained. “That proposal could be interpreted to force Walmart’s board of directors to suspend the sale of guns and ammunition.”

Shapiro said that the church won the lawsuit and Walmart appealed. The decision on the appeal is due as early as today, he said.

“People who support gun rights say, the first court ruling allows political activists to push whatever agenda they wish at the corporate level, instead of through state and federal law,” he said. “Trinity Wall Street Church says it does not intend to end the sale of products at Walmart.”

This is only the latest angle left-wingers are trying. Libs have come to admit defeat in the political arena so now they are attacking our rights at our home and work.

Warner Todd Huston

Warner Todd Huston is a Chicago-based freelance writer, has been writing opinion editorials and social criticism since early 2001 and is featured on many websites such as Andrew Breitbart's, and all Breitbart News' other sites,,, and many, many others. Additionally, he has been a frequent guest on talk-radio programs across the country to discuss his opinion editorials and current events as well as appearing on TV networks such as CNN, Fox News, Fox Business Network, and various Chicago-based news programs. He has also written for several history magazines and appears in the book "Americans on Politics, Policy and Pop Culture" which can be purchased on He is also the owner and operator of Feel free to contact him with any comments or questions : EMAIL Warner Todd Huston and follow him on Twitter, on Google Plus , and Facebook.

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