Want to See Some Hate From America’s Left-Democrats?

The left is filled with vitriol and hate. The American left despises anyone that disagrees with them. The American left hates the Constitution because it stands in its way to remake America in its own image. The American left practices the politics of personal destruction. The American left has called for rioting, murder, and has commonly created images depicting the gruesome deaths of those on the right. The American left has engaged in riots, property destruction, assault, and criminal activity all in an effort to force their political opinions on the rest of us.

This can be said without the slightest fear of contradiction.

Want a few examples?

Famed leftist Frances Fox Piven is a writer, educator, famed social commentator, and a far leftist. This month Piven called for the left to riot like they have in Europe in order to enlarge social programs in the U.S. She has called for property destruction and other violence for the left to get its way.

Leftist activist and Huffington blogger Richard Kirsch used the WWII phrase “The Guns of August” with the left’s agenda under Obama. He used violent metaphors and extreme rhetoric in order to push the socialist healthcare plan known as Obamacare.

Last March, Democrat activist Norman Leboon issued threats to kill Republican Congressman Eric Cantor. He was arrested for the threats.

Political analyst CNN Roland Martin urged President Obama to “go gangsta” and attack Republicans.

Another Huffington blogger named David Bourgeois urged Obama to begin “breaking kneecaps” to push his far left agenda.

No one has a better post on this leftist hate than Michelle Malkin. She has a great round up of the disgusting, hatred displayed by the dark-souls of the American left that is a must read i you dare to allow yourself to be confronted with the truth.

Finally, Ben Howe has engaged in an exhaustive search of left-wing hatred spewed over the last few days on Twitter.

The left is full of violence and hate. It really is beyond question.

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