Washington Post On CIA Report: “This is not how Americans should behave. Ever.” Or Something

By now you surely know all about the 100% Democrat CIA torture report, yet another in a long line of reports by Democrats designed to demean America and give our enemies comfort and talking points, and reasons to attack the U.S., her citizens, and her property. It will also cause lots of problems with our allies, as they will have zero confidence in sharing intelligence and working with the CIA and other U.S. federal intelligence groups. It’s a partisan hack job that failed to talk to actual CIA employees. This has made the Washington Post Editorial Board, a bunch of dilettantes kept safe by rough and ready people like those who work at the CIA, Very Mad

The horrors in America’s ‘dungeon’ should never have happened

SHORTLY AFTER the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, the CIA began taking prisoners captured in U.S. anti-terrorism operations. Some were tortured. This is not news. But a long-classified Senate report released Tuesday depicts the disgusting extremes.

The release of the Democratic report’s findings and executive summary instantly came under heavy criticism — from current and former CIA officials, among others — and reignited a debate about whether the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation program” was justified. As before, the answer is no. President George W. Bush and Congress both condoned this barbarity but should not have. You don’t have to accept every assertion in the Senate report to see that.

There is no doubt that the CIA may have gone a bit too far in their methods. America and Americans are not perfect. In case the WPEB missed it, we were fighting, and are still fighting, against a brutal subsection of Islam, which has no problem torturing and killing. Oh, and cutting off the heads of captured civilians. Funny how we rarely hear or read the same level of apoplexy from Liberals over the conduct of Islamist jihadis….oh, wait, right, Liberals blame the United States for the actions of Islamic jihadis.

This is not how Americans should behave. Ever.

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Well, perhaps Islamic jihadis shouldn’t fly jets into buildings. They shouldn’t kidnap U.S. citizens and saw their heads off. They shouldn’t blow up U.S. citizens and property. They shouldn’t rape and cut off limbs. They shouldn’t use chemical weapons. They shouldn’t declare war on the U.S. Americans shouldn’t have to behave in the manner the CIA (supposedly) did: how about if the WPEB tells Islamists to stop being evil?

Any reckoning of outcomes has to account for the severe blow dealt to America’s global reputation by the inevitable exposure of these techniques, harm which the country is still trying to repair. But to our mind, the argument over practical outcomes is mostly beside the point. Torture is wrong, whether or not it has ever “worked.” As an Obama administration official said Tuesday, “The reason we prohibited these techniques is because they are contrary to our values.”

Again, there’s no doubt the CIA made mistakes. This, though, is the kind of report that used to be kept secret. Democrats have gleefully trotted it out in order to attempt to diminish, demean, and embarrass the U.S. on the world stage. Not that our reputation is doing that well after 6 yeas of Obama. The report will make our citizens less safe. Kudos, Democrats! The blood of every American killed in the near future by Islamic jihadis is on your hands. You’ve made it that much more difficult to gather intelligence around the world, and put our citizens in danger.

Personally, I’m more concerned about stopping something like this

from happening again.

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