Washington Post: “Democratic Candidates Vowed To Toughen Restrictions On Gun Owners”

Democrats and their enablers/supporters/defenders in the media constantly tell us that they do not want to restrict lawful gun owner’s Rights, they just want to stop shootings and keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Here’s a big Kinsley gaffe

After years of hesitation, Democrats rally around calls for gun control

The Democratic presidential candidates have thrust gun control forward as a dominant issue for the national election, signaling a sea change in the politics of a controversial subject that recent Democratic nominees have often avoided.

After years of deadly mass shootings across the country, and with President Obama voicing deep frustration with inaction by Republicans in Congress, the Democratic candidates led by Hillary Rodham Clinton vowed in a debate here Tuesday night to toughen restrictions on gun owners and gun manufacturers.

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Right there is the truth of the matter: Democrats want to toughen control on all gun owners, something we’ve known for years, but never ends up in print. Virtually every piece of legislation Democrats push and every talking point that passes their lips is about restricting the law abiding gun owners, rather than going after the criminals. How has gun control worked in Democratic Party cities like Baltimore, Detroit, Camden, and Chicago, among others?

Bans on “assault weapons”, which are simply scary (well, scary to the gun grabbers) looking weapons that tend to fire lower powered bullets and are lighter than non-scary looking weapons with wood stocks primarily affects those who want to purchase legally for recreation, hunting (not that many), and home defense. Guess who gets hurt the most? Women, for whom the lighter weight makes them ideal.

But Brian Walsh, a GOP consultant and former spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, said that Clinton will almost certainly tone down her talk on gun control if she makes it to the general election.

“I don’t expect the same rhetoric from Clinton next fall,” Walsh said. “Is she going to go into eastern Ohio and talk to blue-collar Democrats and others in the same exact way on guns? Unlikely.”

Most likely true. Right now Democrats are throwing red meat to their far left base. When the general election time comes, though, their words will surely show up in opposition ads.

It is nice to know exactly what they really want to do, though, wouldn’t you say?

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