Watch This Democrat Operative Run Away From James O’Keefe After Being Told He’s Going To Sue Her [Video]

So, you get videoed stating libelous lies about someone. Strike One for being deeply stupid enough to do that. You double down when confronted by O’Keefe and run from your office like a cur with your tail between your legs, knowing you are on Candid Camera – Strike Two. Then, when you could have said “no comment” and asked someone to leave, you instead steadfastly keep your yap shut while you run, opening yourself to a defamation lawsuit – Strike Three. She knew what she claimed was a lie and she wouldn’t back down from it. It would have looked bad for the Democrats and Landrieu in Louisiana. Let the lawsuits begin.

From Wayne Dupree:

Democrats in Louisiana are circling their wagons after their candidate, Mary Landrieu, suffered an agonizing defeat to Republican Bill Cassidy. On[e] Dem in particular, Democratic Communications Director, Kristin Alvanitakis, must have an especially sour taste in her mouth after finding herself on the business end of a potential defamation lawsuit for making false claims about conservative film-maker James O’Keefe.

There is a fantastic video that chronicles the hilarious exposure of this liar. You can watch it below:


If that’s not the best thing you’ve ever seen, your eyes are closed. At least she knows she messed up, but in true liberal form, she’s not going to apologize and/or admit to any wrong-doing. Something tells me she’ll be contacted by O’Keefe’s lawyer shortly.

O’Keefe’s lawyer will indeed be ringing her and soon. She will wind up stepping down in disgrace like all the others there. Cassidy winning in Louisiana will finally begin to shovel out the corruption endemic in that state and so many others. The South is lost to the Progressives – entirely. I really, really hope that it spreads nationwide and includes the corruption in both parties. Landrieu was soundly defeated in a trouncing in Lousiana by Cassidy. With people like this Communications Director on her team, it is no wonder. When forced to confront the truth, Progressives lie and run. I hope O’Keefe nails her – turnabout litigation is fair play.

From: Pat Dollard

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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