Weiner Comes Out of Hiding After Sexting Scandal… AND LOOK AT WHAT HE’S WEARING

Weiner Comes Out of Hiding After Sexting Scandal… AND LOOK AT WHAT HE’S WEARING

This is absolutely unreal. It takes some serious brass to come out after it’s been proven that you have been sexting other women in at least three different situations, while wearing a symbol of the sanctity of your marriage.

He’s absolutely shameless.

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From The Daily Mail:

Anthony Weiner emerged from hiding Tuesday morning one day after being very publicly dumped by his long suffering wife Huma Abedin.

The sext addict was spotted driving off from his apartment in a video captured by the New York Post while wearing a somewhat surprising accessory – his wedding ring.

The disgraced politician looked somber and depressed as he attempted to flee the cameras, just like he did the night prior in exclusive photos taken by DailyMail.com.

In those pictures, Weiner could be seen moping around the darkened kitchen of the $1.4million luxury apartment he shares with his now estranged wife and their four-year-old son Jordan.

And while Weiner may appear may to look hurt and upset in the photos, new details about the conversations he had with his mystery sext partner reveal that he may have been expecting to split from his wife of six years.

The New York Post reports that after the woman Weiner was speaking to told him she was divorced during one text exchange, he responded by saying: ‘I kinda envy that path now that I have a 3 yr old and a busted marriage.’

When later asked if he would be moving to Washington DC should Hillary Clinton win the upcoming election and his wife assume the likely position of Chief of Staff, Weiner responded: ‘I doubt I am under any circumstances.’

Weiner did not leave his apartment at all on Monday and has yet to publicly comment on his split from his wife.

His sext partner responded to news of the split though by saying: ‘I know he loves his family, I know he loves his community, but he’s broken.

‘I’m not a psychologist. I can’t say how to fix him. I don’t know if divorce or salvaging his marriage would fix him. But he’s broken.’

Weiner told his wife about this latest scandal on Sunday, shortly after the New York Post called to inform him they would be running the story.

I actually feel bad for this guy. He clearly has a serious problem and he’s not getting the help he needs.

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