WHAT! Andrea Saul Uses Romneycare To Slam Obama ‘Cancer’ Ad???

WHAT! Andrea Saul Uses Romneycare To Slam Obama ‘Cancer’ Ad???



RedState’s Erick Erickson tweeted this could be the moment when Mitt Romney lost the election.

In an interview of Fox News, Romney Press Secretary Andrea Saul decided to invoke Romneycare as a counterpoint to the despicable narrative being pushed by Priorities USA. : I’m sure you’ve seen the infamous ‘cancer ad.’ : Business Insider reported on August 8th that:

…In defending Romney, she [Saul] veered way off message, explaining that if the steelworker, Joe Soptic, had lived in Massachusetts, he and his wife would have been able to get health insurance under Romney’s health-care reform legislation.

Here’s what she told Fox anchor Bill Hemmer, via: Think Progress: [gag]:

ANDREA SAUL: To that point, you know,: if people had been in Massachusetts under Governor Romney’s health care plan, they would have had health care. There are a lot of people losing their jobs and their health care in President Obama’s economy.

FACEPALM! Even Politico cited the ad as grossly inaccurate saying “it may also be relevant that Soptic’s wife died in 2006, years after the GST factory closed down.: A 2006 story in the Kansas City Star reported the death of Ranae Soptic, a former champion roller skater: Soptic went to the hospital for pneumonia, but doctors found signs of very advanced cancer, and she died two weeks later on June 22.”

However, despite the ongoing crusade to discredit this piece of trash by the Obama team, Saul has undercut the effort. : Smelling blood in the water, “Bill Burton, a strategist for Priorities USA, said he’s as stunned as anyone that [Saul] would invoke Romney’s support for individual mandates, particularly in a state that wasn’t Massachusetts.: They’re clearly sputtering in response to very painful stories from workers who lost their jobs, their health care and their pension benefits, Burton said.”

Does it make it even more embarrassing that CNN did a better job responding the ‘cancer’ ad than Romney’s press secretary? : YES!

Here’s another summary of The Conservative Review:

It turns out that when: Joe Soptic said

I don’t know how long she was sick and I think maybe she didn’t say anything because she knew that we couldn’t afford the insurance, and then one day she became ill and I took her up to the Jackson County Hospital and admitted her for pneumonia and that’s when they found the cancer and by then it was stage four. It was, there was nothing they could do for her,

He was lying about that too. : He does know how long she was sick, and while she might not have said anything, the subject of his wife going to the doctor because something was obviously wrong did come up.

When Ranae started losing weight, “I tried to get her to the doctor and she wouldn’t go”

In other words, her cancer wasn’t caught because she wouldn’t go to the doctor and he didn’t do enough to persuade her to go. : It had nothing whatsoever to do with health insurance and he knows it. : He knew it just like he knew that Mitt Romney wasn’t the one who closed his company.

To sum up the time line:

  • 1999 — Romney leaves Bain to run the 2002 Olympics (paid leave of absence)
  • 2001 — GST goes bankrupt
  • 2002 — Joe Soptic laid off (by: Jonathan Lavine, an Obama bundler…not: Mitt Romney), Soptic’s wife does: not: lose health insurance
  • 2002 or 2003 — Joe Soptic’s wife laid off from her own job and loses her own health insurance
  • 2006 — Soptic’s wife dies of lung cancer previously undiscovered because she refused to go to the doctor

Do you think Saul could have taken notes and responded to the ad as being a slanderous left-wing hack job that it was? I’m sure, but she failed miserably.: As a result of this unmitigated messaging disaster, Andrea Saul should be fired. : Ms. Coulter gave a more passionate oration calling for Ms. Saul’s dismissal: since: she, like Eric Fehrnstrom, are sabotaging Romney’s fledgling narrative against President Obama. : It’s abysmal missteps in messaging, like this, that will cost us the election. : This is one of the reasons why conservatives are skeptical of Romney. : It’s typical campaign behavior from squishy establishment Republicans. : Erick Erickson posted a great piece on August 8th artuculating why the right should be vocal when disasters like this arise because:

many will say this should wait until after the campaign is over. But we’ve seen this play out before. Once George Bush was elected, we had to keep the fragile coalition together. Then it was the war. Then it was re-election. We got to TARP and the GM bailout and people were still yelling that we could not criticize the Bush Administration lest we help Barack Obama.

These supporters are enablers of the $16 trillion debt we presently have. If we cannot vocally and forcefully hold Mitt Romney accountable now, there will be a new excuse after the election for why we cannot hold him accountable, just as there always has been up to $16 trillion.

Last year, while many of us were telling the GOP to hold the line on raising the debt ceiling, the very same people who today are telling us to shut up about Mitt Romney were telling us to shut up about not raising the debt ceiling. What did we get? A super committee and possible sequestration in exchange for two extra trillion dollars in debt.

Now many of these same people are telling us, with the super committee’s failure that so many of predicted would fail by design, we must scrap sequestration because of defense cuts. So we’ll get several trillion dollars more in debt with no cuts. This is exactly what I and others were warning about and it came to pass exactly as we said it would.

Still the Republican enablers would have us say nothing because . . . campaign season.

Therefore, if we are not vocally on the record now that it is madness for the Romney camp to praise a failed healthcare regime in Massachusetts, between the press and Romney’s present enablers, we’ll surrender that right after the election.

Needless to say, Saul’s kerfuffle exploded over Twitter. : Romney should do the right thing and FIRE ANDREA SAUL!

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