What Liberals Say vs What they Mean

Many of us have been raised to think that words mean things. Then there’s Democrats. From those infamous phrases like “It depends on what the definition of what ‘is’ is” of yore to the newfangled “man-caused disasters” of today, Democrats have so abused the English language as to make it completely unrecognizable to Mr. Johnson.

Certainly Democrats always upend the English language and warp it to fit their worldview, especially when they are trying to seem like innocents while trying to gain supporters. Perfect examples of this can be seen in Barack Hussein Obama’s turning the war against terror into “Overseas Contingency Operations” and Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano’s new “man-caused disasters” tag line to replace that harsh sounding “terrorist attack” that we used to use in the olden days. These softer sounding phrases are meant to convince people that they are serious, yet compassionate. Sadly, they just make us look foolish.

Even the Democratic Congress gets into the action. For instance, in an Orwellian effort to name bills with nice sounding monikers they’ve chosen names that really say the exact opposite of what the bill will do. This is meant to fool people into supporting the bills. There’s the “Employee Free Choice Act,” a bill that actually takes away worker’s choice, the “Uniting American Families Act” that doesn’t unite American families but brings foreign spouses into the U.S., and then there’s the “Freedom of Choice Act” which apparently makes it harder for a woman, not to mention her fetus, to chose life. These bills have names that mislead but are an excellent example of warping language.

For a long time when trying to gain converts liberals have commonly used words that actually say the precise opposite of what they, the liberals, mean with their actual policies. It all just shows that it is no mistake that the first four letters of “liberal” contains the letters L,I, and E.

Here are a few words and phrases that liberals use all the time that are conundrums in as much as the words themselves actually say just the opposite of what liberals mean by them.

“You should be open minded.” This means you should agree with liberals and be closed to everything else.

“Pro-choice.” In actuality this means being against the ability of a woman to chose to keep her child. It also means being against the choice of life for the infants.

“We are patriotic, too.” This actually means “we love the dreamy-dream of what we want America to be but we don’t love what she is.”

“We love American democracy.” This means “we love the fact that we can subvert America at every level, especially by implementing vote fraud.”

“Democrats are for the little guy.” If that little guy is a millionaire, then I guess they are for the little guy. Other wise, not so much.

“Freedom fighter.” To a liberal a freedom fighter is anyone that would fight against the U.S.A. You know, like the Taliban, al Qaieda, folks like that.

“Freedom of speech.” To a liberal, free speech means that they should be allowed to say everything. On the other hand, if you are a conservative YOU shouldn’t be allowed to say anything. You should shut up because YOU are dangerous.

“Separation of church and state.” To liberals this means the elimination of church, not merely the separation of religion from government.

“Rule of law.” To a liberal, rule of law is not a fixed thing. It is a capricious, instantly changing amalgam of temporary and convenient rules meant to give cover to their every momentary whim and situational ethic.

“Bipartisan.” Give up your own ideas and agree with them and you are indulging their perfect idea of bipartisanship.

Well, certainly there are a lot of others that I have not touched upon here. But, you get the idea. The sad fact is that when you hear a liberal speak when they are trying to convince others to join them, they are often speaking in terms that contradict their real meaning.

In the end, the warping of language and lies that liberals foist upon the public in order to win the policy debate finds echos in the Muslim concept of taqiyah — that sanctioned concept of lying to outsiders in order to win converts or lead to Islam becoming supreme. I suppose then that it is no wonder that the left warms so easily to radical Islam. They share certain traits, don’t they? It’s a birds-of-a-feather situation, indeed.

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