What Say To $150,000 In Porkulus For A Bridge To Nowhere?

And I do mean a bridge to actually nowhere. Here’s the stetup

A historic stone arch bridge that received more than $150,000 in federal stimulus funds this year has fallen short of some people’s expectations – mainly because it doesn’t go anywhere.

The bridge, which dates back to the 1860s, ends in a sheer, 8-foot drop after it crosses the Contoocook River. Traffic no longer crosses the span, which parallels a modern bridge near the intersection of Routes 202 and 149.

According to Recovery.gov, the government website that tracks spending through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the town of Hillsborough received $150,045 in stimulus funding to repair the bridge.

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Now, the town of Hillsborough, New Hampshire, was going to spend a total of $270K to fix the bridge anyhow, they just used the Stimulus money to help out. But, wait, do you want the kicker? You sure? OK, here it comes, but, first, let’s see what the bridge looks like today, via the story

Hillsborough Bridge

Love the guard rails, especially the ones at the the end. It’s a pretty shade of white, though, eh? Bright, shining stone. And here’s the kicker

So, essentially, your grandkids’ tax dollars paid for a bit of stone work, shining the stonework, and guard rails. Feel better? No? How about checking the Google street view, which seems to be pre-Porkulus? Swing around the compass a bit, as a small screen capture just wouldn’t do credit. Yes, that’s right, it does pretty much go nowhere, and, even if completed, would still go nowhere. How’s that hope and change working out for ya?

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