Whatever Would I Do Without Liberal Feminist Men to Save Me?

Whatever Would I Do Without Liberal Feminist Men to Save Me?

Apparently, that whole lame idea that Conservative women suffer from “Stockholm Syndrome” isn’t limited to the bitterly nonsensical Janeane Garofalo. Liberal men are hopping on that bandwagon now as well! Assuming that women are too dumb and hood-winked to comprehend things on their own isn’t offensive and sexist in the slightest now, is it? Not according to male “feminists’, it isn’t! As one so clearly showed when he felt the need to respond to my piece entitled “Slut TV.”

He brought it to my attention via Twitter and the conversation follows below:

@snarkandboobs a reponse to your post, Slut TV http://bit.ly/95QA9v 10:21 PM Mar 3rd via TweetDeck


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Zack Osheroff

I read his post, which can be found here. He ironically, yet predictably, entitled it “Choice.” But, as always, only their choice counts. He claimed to have found my post upsetting (it’s all about feelings, you see) yet in the opening paragraphs outed himself with his clear disdain for me and his condescending attitude. An example:

I understand that it might be tempting to make such an unsupported claim since you clearly don’t know what a feminist is and therefore can’t really search for their thoughts on the matter. But they exist—this is a particularly good one, posted by that unapologetically “slutty” Jessica.

That out of the way, I’d like to address the larger scope of your argument (well, it’s more like a bunch of knee-jerk statements than anything else)

So respectful of a woman and her thoughts! Worse, he is quoting Jessica Valenti, whom I used as an example of part of the problem in the original article! Way to defeat your own argument, dude. He goes on much in the same vein, completely missing the point.

I told him so, in the rest of the:  conversation below:

You missed the point, but I appreciate the condescending attitude! RT @TomJoadsGhost reponse to your post, Slut TV http://bit.ly/95QA9v 10:25 PM Mar 3rd via Endless Tweets


[email protected]snarkandboobs expect condescension when u choose to outright offensive. That’s a great no-response response—#tcot are proud 10:51 PM Mar 3rd via TweetDeck


Um, @TomJoadsGhost Why would I waste my very limited time responding to nonsense? I’m “empowered” enough to not need YOUR approval, thanks. 10:55 PM Mar 3rd via Endless Tweets

Lori Z

[email protected]snarkandboobs mhm, so i guess u hired some1 2 do twitter 4 u cuz ur 2 busy to respond & all. or its just that nothing u do is substantive 10:59 PM Mar 3rd via TweetDeck

Zack Osheroff

He hearts me! RT @TomJoadsGhost guess u hired some1 2 do twitter 4 u cuz ur 2 busy to respond. or its just that nothing u do is substantive 11:04 PM Mar 3rd via Endless Tweets

Lori Z

(Okay, that was just a snarky response on my part. But he had it coming. At least I didn’t say “Sorry, but I’m just not that into you”)

[email protected]snarkandboobs can’t you see that ur playing for the wrong team when @snarkybasterd is so willing to say blatantly misogynistic things? 11:29 PM Mar 3rd via TweetDeck

Zack Osheroff

And there we have it. Poor little old Lori is too dumb to think for herself and understand that the big bad conservative men are tricking me and my feeble mind.:  He further intimates the same at the end of his “Choices” (still giggling at the tired title) post:

Is being a “life bearing nurturer” a good thing? Sure, if that’s what you want. But just having a vagina doesn’t mean you have to do that. For example, you are proud of being a mom, and I think that’s wonderful, particularly since you are a mother because you wanted to and not because you were forced to become one.

Love the sneer quotes around life bearing nurturer. Also love the straw woman argument: “forced” to become a Mom. Do you know the one actual thing that can force you to become a Mom? Choosing to have sex! That is where the original choice comes in. For people who proclaim to love science so much, you’d think that they’d know that there is always a chance that the sexual act can result in a pregnancy.

And to object to Kourtney Kardashian falling for lies about the existence of post-abortion syndrome is important because we don’t want other women in the same situation to also believe this and thus, have their choices limited.

It seems obvious to everyone (but you) that Reality TV is not a good commentary on real life. It is degrading to women because it takes real life and twists it through a pop culture lens that is still dominated by men.

Wow. Persisting with the claim that post-abortion syndrome does not exist does NOT limit a woman’s choices? Perhaps if you stopped trying to cover that up, more women would be knowledgeable and could make a fully informed choice. What happened to that whole “safe, legal and rare” thing? You don’t want choice. You only want ONE choice.

The end paragraph quoted above is the kicker; it is, of course, all the fault of evil men. They are the ones objectifying women. Once again, blame evil males so that the feminists can continue with their persecution complex and victim mentality. We women are so helpless!

I don’t recall a man’s movement encouraging women to empower themselves via the use of sexual politics nor do I recall them encouraging women to use their bodies as some kind of feminist perceived “equality” weapon. Sure, some men may briefly enjoy the benefits of that, but not in the long run. And it was so-called Feminists that encouraged it.

This isn’t the first time Liberals have been particularly offended by my disdain of Feminists and my daring to be proudly Conservative (with a touch of Libertarian.) And I’m sure it won’t be the last. Maybe next time I’ll tell y’all about the “supporters of women/feminist men” who photoshopped a picture of me and suggested that I keep my mouth shut unless it was to do something, um, orally. But that couldn’t possibly be sexist or misogynistic, could it? I mean they are feminists and all. Sigh.

So, nice try, Liberals. This little lady can think for herself. I “choose” the side that offers me THAT choice.

(Originally posted at David Horowitz’s NewsReal
and excerpted at iowntheworld)

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