Whoopi Says Without Abortion Parents Just Kill Kids Later

I think Whoopi Goldberg has as much hair inside her head as she has outside it. What else explains the harebrained thinking she exhibited (again) on her coffee klatcher’s show The View on May 4?

Goldberg attempted to explain why she supports abortion. It’s because, you see, if parents can’t kill their kids in utero she thinks parents will just kill their kids later on in their lives.

The discussion centered around a new law in Oklahoma that required abortion patients to view their in vitro babies via a new 3-D ultrasound before they make the final decision to undergo the abortion procedure.

Goldberg was against the new law and in her muddled thinking this was her reason to oppose it:

What difference does it make if you’re going to bring a baby in and you can’t feed it and you can’t take care of it and then people end up killing their kids?

Really? Is there a rash of people killing their children because they “can’t feed them” in America today? No, but that doesn’t stop the idiocy of Goldberg, does it? Does Goldberg have any evidence of women that wanted an abortion but didn’t get them who killed their children later on?

Do liberals always just blurt things out with no proof, no statistics, and no sense? Well, maybe not all of them do, but Goldberg’s particular brand of idiocy is de rigueur for her, unfortunately.

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