Why You Ought to Shop at Lowe’s

Since Home Depot threw itself whole-heartedly behind the gay agenda, repeatedly promoting it to children, I have come to think of Lowe’s as the conservative home improvement store. Looks like the Obama Regime has reached the same conclusion:

The Department of Justice and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) [recently] announced a settlement with Lowe’s Home Centers that includes a $500,000 fine. The actions resulted from violations of the federal Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Rule, designed to minimize exposure to harmful lead dust from home renovation activities.

The monetary penalty is the largest ever issued for violations of these requirements.

The cost of falling afoul of the federal government will go further:

Under the terms of the settlement, Lowe’s must ensure that its contractors comply with the RRP Rule during renovations of any child-occupied facilities, such as day-care centers and pre-schools, and any pre-1978 housing. Only EPA-certified renovators may be used and Lowe’s must ensure they maintain certification and use lead safe work practices checklists during renovations. Additionally, Lowe’s must suspend those found to be out of compliance with the rule, investigate all reports of potential noncompliance, and ensure that any violations are corrected.

Expect prices at Lowe’s to necessarily rise to cover all the costly red tape.

Incredibly, our rulers link even this story to their demented race-based ideology:

The RRP Rule implements the federal Toxic Substances Control Act. Its purpose is to ensure that owners and occupants of housing built before 1978, as well as any child-occupied facilities, are notified about lead-based paint hazards before renovations begin, that only trained and EPA certified individuals are used who also follow specific work practices to reduce the potential for lead-based paint exposure. According to EPA at the media conference, exposure to lead has been shown to affect more black and Latino minorities than others, thus raising serious Environmental Justice issues as well.

If global warming is racist, why not paint?

Maybe this is just lead paint hysteria taken to a new extreme. But why pick on Lowe’s in particular? Here’s a clue: In 2014, Lowe’s PAC contributions went 83% to Republicans, 16% to Democrats.

Evidently Gibson Guitars felt the wrath of the Community Organizer in Chief for similar reasons. It cost them $350,000.

In the kind of country this has been fundamentally transformed into, making political contributions primarily to Democrats is a cost of doing business. The mafia, being relatively honest compared to Democrats, would call it protection money.

Give Lowe’s your business. With the Feds against them, they are going to need it.

On a tip from Jodie. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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