Will Obama Address “You Didn’t Build That” At Convention?

The Washington Post thinks the answer is “no”

After being pummeled for days at the Republican National Convention for his remark that business owners “didn’t build that,” President Obama heads to the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina this week facing mounting questions about how he will respond to charges that he is hostile to free enterprise.

On Sunday, senior Obama advisers suggested that they will not address the anti-business allegations directly but will instead try to turn the tables on their GOP rivals by accusing them of being dishonest about what Obama meant. David Plouffe, a senior White House adviser, said in an interview Sunday on ABC News that Republican Mitt Romney’s campaign is engaged in a broader pattern of dishonesty and is “built on a tripod of lies.” Plouffe cited accusations that Obama has gutted the work requirement for welfare and “raided” Medicare to pay for the nation’s new health-care law as other examples of untruths coming from the GOP.

So, it sounds like it is going to be a typical Democrat whine-fest, blaming everyone and everything else for what’s happened during this “recovery“.

Adviser David Axelrod, traveling with the president in Colorado on Sunday, said the public will come away from the convention “with a very clear sense” of Obama’s values, including his faith in private enterprise.

We already know what Obama’s view of private enterprise is. And his capabilities as president.

The economic recover has done so well that Axelrod deflected time and time again in answering the question “are better off than you were 4 years ago?” And what does that recovery look like?

Other Democrats refused to answer the question, as well.

Bill Kristol thinks that the “war on women” meme that has been pushed is just a head fake. I doubt it. Look at the freakshow that will actually be on display. Take a look at the extremists who will be on stage. Does anyone think Obama wants to talk about the economy? Well, maybe in terms of blamestorming. After almost 4 years as president, he refuses to take responsibility for anything, and his plans have been abject failures. There’s no reason to think that trying the same for another four years will make it better.

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