Wisc. and Ind. Democrats: Union Cash Driving Democrats to Run and Hide

With Democrat state legislators in Wisconsin and now Indiana fleeing their states so that they don’t have to do their job — just call them fleebaggers — it would be easy to assume that Democrats are cowards. If not cowards, then petulant children throwing temper tantrums because voters did not give them a power-lock majority. But while cowardice and petulance both factor into these running donkeys their main motivation is greed. You see, if public employees lose their power then they will have no more money to give Democrats for their campaign coffers.

By far unions are the largest donors that Democrats have all up and down the line from local and state to federal. Unions spent over 50 million dollars on Barack Obama’s campaign back in 2008 and they spent another 50 million for the 2010 midterm elections.

Most specifically pubic employee unions are Democrats biggest supporters. In the last week of the 2010 election, for instance, the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) spent over a million dollars to help elect Democrats. The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) spent almost $400,000.

So when these Democrats run away and try to hide in a neighboring state it is because their biggest donors are demanding that they “do something.” And since Democrats in these states have lost all power due to the will of the voters, they feel that their last ability to stop legislation that hurts donor’s interests is to shut down government.

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There is no parallel for this in the actions of Republicans who have spent decades as powerless onlookers in state government. No blocks of Republicans have run away like cowards to nearby states to avoid doing their jobs. Republicans have been essentially powerless in the face of unions since World War II yet in that almost 80-year span where Democrats have been in the pocket of Big Labor no blocks of Republicans have wallowed in such childish petulance. Republicans continued to go to work in their state capitols despite being virtually powerless to affect unions.

At long last voters are sick and tired of government union members getting paid twice as much as they are, getting up to 95% of their helathcare provided for them, for being allowed to retire at a young age to spend decades at leisure all at the cost of the taxpayers. Voters are also fully aware that Democrats are in the back pocket of these greedy, profligate unions, too. The two are inextricably tied together in the minds of the voters.

If Republicans know what is best for them, they will take this climate to strike against public employee unions.These are the first steps toward taking public employee unions down and if Republicans do not take advantage of this they will have allowed the first, best opportunity to strike a blow against these thieves.

Meanwhile the Republican Governor’s Association has started a campaign to support Wisconsin’s Gov. Walker.

Go to www.StandWithScott.com/ and check it out.

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