Wisc. Democrat Tells Workers Pay Union Dues or Lose Your Job

You can only serve one master and Democrats have chosen unions over the people. Proof of this is once again seen in the post by Bryan Preston of Pajamas Media where we find a Democrat lawmaker from Wisconsin who has announced that if you don’t want to pay dues to his union masters, why, then you should expect not to work in Wisconsin.

State Rep. Nick Milroy is the Democratic state representative from Wisconsin’s 73rd assembly district. He was on America’s Radio News with anchors Chris Salcedo and Lori Lundin. Salcedo pointed out that union membership was split by their votes in 2010, 49% for Democrats and 47% for Republicans, nearly an even split. But unions donated 93% of their total contributions to Democrats in 2010, and 7% to Republicans or others. The question was asked if the assemblyman could understand why Republicans were not in favor of having tax payer funded dues go to fund Democrat campaigns? The assemblyman contended that public employees can opt out of the unions. But when pressed about how even those that opt out must pay union dues, the assemblyman suggested that those people that didn’t want to be part of a union could find other work.

Get that, folks? As far as this union bought and paid for politician is concerned, if you don’t want to support unions expect to lose your ability to work in Wisconsin.

Head on over to Bryan Preston’s page and hear the outrageous audio of this radio appearance.

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