Wisc. Democrats Use Recall Petition Info to Harass Voters

In yet another union-styled outrage, Democrats backed by union thugs in Wisconsin are using the personal information of voters found on recall petitions to harass them because they signed a petition to recall Green Bay Democrat State Senator Dave Hansen.

Over the last few weeks thousands of Wisconsin voters signed a recall petition in Green Bay to recall Hansen and when voters sign such petitions they must give their address and phone numbers so that authorities can verify the voter’s signature in order to approve the petition. Now it seems that the Wisconsin Democrat Party has gotten hold of these petitions and have begun a telephone harassment campaign against the individual voters that signed the petitions.

The Wisconsin GOP has discovered this disgusting campaign and have found that the Democrats are using a fake phone number and a fake caller ID in order to get voters to answer the phone only to be harangued about having signed the recall petition.

The Democratic Party has targeted for harassment people who signed recall petitions against Senator Hansen, making calls on beginning on Monday April 25th using a fake phone number and caller ID that showed up on phones as “Bay Care Aurora,” a well-known Green Bay area medical center. Once recall supporters answered the phone, they were told they were speaking with a Democrat Party of Wisconsin operative, and were questioned about signing a petition to recall Hansen.

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Mark Jefferson, Executive Director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, released a statement on this appalling tactic.

“It’s disgusting that the Dems would use a fake call from a hospital to trick people into answering their phones — only so they could harass and intimidate them into saying they did not sign a recall petition. People who received that call may have feared the worst — an unexpected call from a hospital can bring terrible news about a loved one. The Democrats’ intent was obviously to confuse and upset people, hoping they would be disoriented and easily tricked into saying they had not signed a recall petition. Dave Hansen’s political career may be coming to an end because he fled to Illinois, but that doesn’t excuse this cruel, desperate tactic.”

Imagine that you are a Wisconsin voter who is sick and tired of union thugs running your government, you sign a recall petition (as is your right as a voter), only to have the thugs in the Democrat Party calling your home under false pretenses in order to harass you about your signature.

Democrat officials are claiming that the incorrect caller ID number was merely a mistake made by a staffer that typed the wrong number into the caller system. But the Party insists that it will continue the harassment regardless.

Not the best way to win friends and influence people, eh? But it is a typical union-styled thuggishness of which voters from coast to coast are getting sick and tired.

It all goes to show that not only are the Democrats bought, paid for, and wholly run by violence prone union toughs, but the Democrats have not learned a single lesson offered by voters about their old, profligate, overspending, union-sold ways.

Still, it should be no surprise that Democrats are having a tough time learning this lesson. The thug life has been a way of life for well over 100 years, after all. It’s hard for old, worn-out donkeys to learn new tricks.

If State Senator Dave Hansen was as upstanding as he wants to appear, he would condemn this activity in no uncertain terms.

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