Wisconsin Democrats Forgot Exactly What The Recall Effort Is About

Conversely, perhaps they do not want to be associated with public unions who are partly responsible for having negotiated contracts that leave the taxpayers to fund un-sustainable liabilities with the same Democrats

(Politico) The bitter battle over union rights in Wisconsin sent masses of angry protesters flooding into the streets, placed the state at the center of a national debate over Big Labor’s power and sparked the historic recall to topple GOP Gov. Scott Walker.

But you’d hardly know it from the campaign to replace him.

On the eve of the June 5 recall election, the issue of collective bargaining has become just a footnote in the hard-fought battle for Wisconsin. Democrats gloss over the issue in campaign speeches, political advertisements and debates in favor of zeroing in on Walker’s tactics. Democrats and labor groups run separate field operations. And the party’s nominee, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, wears the fact that he wasn’t labor’s top choice for the ticket as a badge of honor.

They can run, but they can’t hide. This recall is all about Democrats pandering to unions, particularly public unions. Unions back Democrats, giving them lots of support and money, and the Democrats turn around and provide them with benefits and perks that people in the private sector do not get, and leaves the taxpayer on the hook for an incredible amount of union contract created debt. Public sector union members essentially receive golden parachutes when they retire, paid for by the private taxpayer. They receive more vacation days than private sector employees. They barely pay anything towards their health insurance and pensions. It’s extremely difficult to terminate them for malfeasance. Public sector unions are part of the coming debt bomb. And it’s Democrats who have helped create the situation.

In addition, a Marquette University Law School poll released May 30 shows that most voters preferred limiting collective-bargaining rights for public employees. According to the poll, 55 percent favored curbing those rights for most public employees; 41 percent opposed limiting those rights.

Republicans attribute the public opinion shift to the success of Walker’s reforms.

“They don’t want to talk about collective bargaining because the fact of the matter is people around the state of Wisconsin believe that paying just a tiny fraction more toward your health care and toward your pension benefits is not too much to ask,” Priebus said.

What, exactly, is the point of a public sector union in the first place? Unions came into being (mostly) as a way of protecting the worker from harsh companies and bosses. Democrats tell us government is super awesome wonderful. So why the need of a government union? Today, they exist solely to elect Democrats who bargain with the unions which fleece the taxpayer.

Of course, when Democrats lose today, they are already prepared to create havoc through a recount. You also know that there will be the typical calls of election fraud.

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