Wisconsin Democrats To Offer A 100+ Amendments To Gum Up The Works

But the Donkey Weasel Party isn’t doing it for an substantive changes, oh no. They just want to delay the work of government

Democrats plan to offer more than 100 amendments in the state Assembly to Gov. Scott Walker’s plan taking away nearly all collective bargaining rights for Wisconsin’s public workers.

Democratic Minority Leader Peter Barca said Monday that Democrats plan to debate the bill starting Tuesday morning, but he didn’t know when it would actually come up for a vote.

Barca says Democrats had 50 amendments ready to introduce and were drafting more. He says it will take “hours upon hours” to work through the bill.

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Barca is the Weasel Leader in the Assembly, the lower half of the Legislature. The Senate Weasels plan on staying away for as long as it takes.

Now, I do not begrudge their use of legislative tactics withing the framework of the rule: Republicans have played somewhat the same game, vis a vis offering amendments to water down a bill when they were in the minority. What is silly is that no Liberal/Democrat is calling them out after listening to four years of Dem whining that the GOP plays mean and is blocking the work of the majority. But, at the tiny protest in Raleigh, in which the SEIU forgot to show up, they were chanting “What does Democracy look like? This is what democracy looks like!” Of course, North Carolina is a right to work state and has no collective bargaining for public employees. Furthermore, it is Democrats in Wisconsin who are avoiding taking an actual vote.

Fortunately, the Wisconsin Republicans have a plan to pull the collective bargaining portion out of the spending bill, which would mean they do not need a quorum, meaning they don’t need the Senate Democrats to pass the elimination of public employee CB.

Speaking of the Wisconsin Assembly, Gordon Hintz, who represents the 54th District, was busted for sexual misconduct. He says that his “personal situation is distracting from the much more important issue facing the state.” Yes! We have the “D” word!

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