Wishful Thinking

Some on this here ye season of joy and peace and sometimes, delusional thinking. I’ve read this post by Red State’s Dan Perrin a couple times. He is optimistic about Health Care Reform going down.

This joyous theory is predicated on one untenable idea: that Democrats actually have principles they believe in besides their own power. Um. That’s refreshingly idealistic but wrong.

Democrats will pass this bill because it’s not about actually helping people or controlling costs or whatever tact they take at any given time. It’s about 1. giving President a “win” and 2. consolidating power in the government.

And by the way, notice to you idiots running Insurance companies: You do realize that you become the government’s prostitute, right? They will pimp you out for the price they choose. Right now, it seems like a good idea. You’ll notice how quickly banks wanted to get out from under Uncle Sam’s shackles. But this “sweet” deal is going to sour, ultimately. Why? Because everything the government touches turns to shit.

So, while it would be an absolute thrilling delight to find out that all the maneuvering kills the health care bill, I still say it’s passing. The Dems will roll. They have to. They want to.

It’s historic, man.

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