With Only A Few Days Left Till Nov. 2nd, Krugman And Kucinich Go Full Unhinged

Of course, just wait till the results are in, and the Congressional bloodbath is no longer just words in a story or poll, but, an actual reality. The amplifier will have overdrive hooked plugged in. In the meantime, first, we have Paul Krugman

Barring a huge upset, Republicans will take control of at least one house of Congress next week. How worried should we be by that prospect?

Not very, say some pundits. After all, the last time Republicans controlled Congress while a Democrat lived in the White House was the period from the beginning of 1995 to the end of 2000. And people remember that era as a good time, a time of rapid job creation and responsible budgets. Can we hope for a similar experience now?

No, we can’t. This is going to be terrible. In fact, future historians will probably look back at the 2010 election as a catastrophe for America, one that condemned the nation to years of political chaos and economic weakness.

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Got that? The man who has consistently supported the unpopular #FAIL of a bill known as Stimulus, not too mention #FAIL Team Obama, monstrous deficits, out of control spending, and the health boondoggle, is telling us that the election of Republicans will lead to “political chaos and economic weakness.” He can’t really back up his assertion with pesky facts, just a feeling, ending with “So if the elections go as expected next week, here’s my advice: Be afraid. Be very afraid.” Paul should be lucky the FEC doesn’t look to fine newspapers for in kind contributions.

Not to be outdone, Dennis Kucinich

“We can get out there and make our voices heard, or we can let the forces of nihilism take over,” Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) told Raw Story in an exclusive interview late Tuesday afternoon.

The Cleveland Democrat warned progressives that a Republican takeover of the House of Representatives — a likely scenario, according to election experts — could surrender the levers of power to “megalomaniacal neoconservatives who are more in need of mental attention.”

Let’s check ye olde dictionary for Nihilism, shall we?

  • anarchy, terrorism, or other revolutionary activity.
  • an extreme form of skepticism: the denial of all real existence or the possibility of an objective basis for truth.
  • the principles of a Russian revolutionary group, active in the latter half of the 19th century, holding that existing social and political institutions must be destroyed in order to clear the way for a new state of society and employing extreme measures, including terrorism and assassination.

Hmm, kinda sounds much like what people on the Left want, doesn’t it?

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