Woman Who’s Life Is A Fraud Says Republicans Created The “Rigged Election” Myth

This is cute. Senator Elizabeth Warren, who spent her life getting all sorts of perks by claiming to have Native American heritage falsely, now has a funny opinion piece in the Washington Post

Elizabeth Warren: Trump didn’t invent the ‘rigged election’ myth. Republicans did.

Cratering in the polls, besieged by sexual assault allegations and drowning in his own disgusting rhetoric, Donald Trump has been reduced to hollering that November’s election is “rigged” against him. His proof? It looks like he’s going to lose.

Senior Republican leaders are scrambling to distance themselves from this dangerous claim. But Trump’s argument didn’t spring from nowhere. It’s just one more symptom of a long-running effort by Republicans to delegitimize Democratic voters, appointees and leaders. For years, this disease has infected our politics. It cannot be cured until Republican leaders rethink their approach to modern politics.

For years, Republican leaders have pushed the lie that voter fraud is a huge issue. In such states as Kansas and North Carolina , and across the airwaves of right-wing talk radio and Fox News, Republican voters have been fed exaggerated and imagined stories about fraud. Interestingly, all that fraud seems to plague only urban neighborhoods, minority communities, college campuses and other places where large numbers of people might vote for Democrats. The purpose of this manufactured hysteria is obvious: to delegitimize Democratic voters and justify Republican efforts to suppress their votes.

Obviously, Fauxahontas goes on to complain about voter ID, further repeating the Democratic line that Black people are either too stupid or too incompetent to be able to acquire proper ID. The whines go on and on, while she conveniently forgets about the voter intimidation from the Democratic Party supporting New Black Panthers and Occupy Wall Street, among others. We have photos and video of the New Black Panthers standing with clubs in their hands, and Obama’s DOJ shut down the investigation.

She wraps up her whiny screed with

Democrats and Republicans disagree about a lot of issues. We both fight hard to win elections. But winning isn’t everything. Al Gore understood that when he stood down after the 2000 election. Now Republican leaders seem increasingly concerned that when Trump loses, he won’t follow that example. But Trump’s words and deeds are merely the latest — and loudest — examples in a long line of Republican tactics that are poisoning our political system.

Now that’s funny. Democrats have whined about Florida 2000 ever since as the election being stolen. Gore has whine about it. He didn’t stand down: he was forced to stand down by that pesky thing called The Law. Liberals have accused the Supreme Court of rigging that election.

This sent Democrats, in their utter Bush Derangement Syndrome, in apoplexy, and had them yammering on that they knew the 2004 election would be rigged. They went on and on about Diebold voting machines being rigged before the election, and they yammered on about them post election. Years later they were still saying that the election was rigged/stolen for a variety of reasons. They complained about it being rigged/stolen due to exit polls differing from actual vote counts. And it wasn’t just the same old liberal base nutters: you had people like Rep. Dennis Kucinich claiming the election was stolen/rigged. Jesse Jackson. And many others, including the loser, Senator John Kerry, who whined about it years later.

And Democrats continued on with their complaints for the 2006 midterms and 2008 elections.

Elizabeth Warren is simply repeating the Democrat talking points about election rigging, that Republicans are trying to suppress minority turnout and stuff, because, in Democrat World, minorities need to be treated like children who cannot do anything without the helpful hand of Big Daddy Government.

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