Young Texan Dems Protest Trump, Tell Him “Stay Away From My State”

Young Texan Dems Protest Trump, Tell Him “Stay Away From My State”

Hurricane Harvey has overtaken the news in the last few days with sad stories of loss with lots of good news and inspirational messages of Texans helping their fellow neighbors. Before it hit, President Trump declared it to be a major disaster and set about making sure the resources needed to clean up afterward would be available.

Fox News describes the reality of Trump’s concern for the hurricane-devastated region. Texas Governor Greg Abbot (R) had only good things to say about Trump’s willingness to mobilize and help.

President Trump’s response to the crisis has been “extremely professional, very helpful,” the governor assured, adding that the two spoke on the phone several times.

[Trump] called and said, ‘Governor, whatever you need, you’ve got.’

But, the Texas Young Democrats still found a way to politicize the occasion, tweeting negativity about Trump’s positive calls.

Trump came to the state today with his wife, Melania, visiting Corpus Christi and Austin, to review measures and response to the disaster.

Yes, unlike the Democratic president Barack Obama, who couldn’t be bothered to come back from his August vacation during flooding in Louisiana, Trump’s response and reaction were stellar and in a word, unimpeachable, according to Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

But the Texas Young Democrats chose to mock his wishing them ‘Good Luck’ and leaving out the rest of the sentence, “Stay safe!”

Houston is under water, but these Young Democrats need to make everything about their needs and their opinion. When they faced backlash for protesting instead of joining a relief effort, they tweeted:

One reply said “Try putting politics aside for 5 minutes to actually give aid to those who need it instead of chastising the pres for doing so,” and another person added “So helping flood victims is not an option for you? Wow. Shows that you don’t really care about people, you only want a stage to whine.”

Well said.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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