Barron Trump Not In White House For Even 24 Hours Yet And Look What Has Happened

Barron Trump Not In White House For Even 24 Hours Yet And Look What Has Happened

There’s a general rule in politics that, while criticizing a politician is acceptable, their family should be off-limits… and that especially goes for the kids. Unfortunately, not everyone is capable of this kind of common decency and political kids frequently come under attack. And right now, the target is none other than Barron Trump.

Much has been made of the fact that Melania and Barron Trump remained in New York City after Donald Trump’s inauguration, despite Melania’s explanation that the family did not want to take Barron out of his school in the middle of the year. And right on schedule, Melania and Barron have moved to Washington, D.C. now that the school year is over.

Sunday night, Melania and Barron officially moved into the White House. Barron was photographed wearing a shirt with the words “The Expert” written across the front. For an 11 year-old boy, it’s a seemingly normal t-shirt. But liberals took the opportunity to mock him regardless.

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They also pounced on him for holding a fidget spinner in his hand:

And then there were those who just seized any opportunity they could to mock Barron:

Clearly, there is no low liberals won’t sink to. It’s one thing to go after Donald Trump himself — as president, that is expected. But shouldn’t his 11 year-old son be left alone?

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