Berkeley Mayor Continues ‘White Nationalist’ Lie About MILO…Even AFTER Apologizing

Berkeley Mayor Continues ‘White Nationalist’ Lie About MILO…Even AFTER Apologizing

Beneath the smiling face of Berkeley’s Mayor, Jesse Arraguin, (pictured above) is a heart that hates free speech and incites his town to fight, literally, against it. By now the stories of the violent vandals on the UC Berkeley campus are common knowledge. The student-led campus GOP club invited noted Conservative commentator and Senior Breitbart Editor, Milo Yiannopoulos to speak on campus. And the earth shattering, fire setting, glass breaking, black mask wearing melee that ensued was nothing short of disgusting.

And that is due in part, no doubt, to Mayor Arraguin’s rude tweet. See below. And of course the fact that he called Milo a “white nationalist.” Calling names, it’s what Liberals do.

Liberals are all about free speech when it’s their guy or gal speaking, not so much when it’s someone who holds a differing view. And of course that is antithetical to all they claim to stand for; tolerance, diversity, acceptance. For the Left, diversity is fine as long as it’s confined to gender, sexual preference or ethnicity. But diversity of thought is not welcome under the ever shrinking tent of Liberalism. On the Left, all drones must think alike. And therefore the drones will mindlessly attack Milo or anyone else who dares to speak on things they don’t like.

The Mayor initially apologized to Milo, but like an immature child, he retracted it when his Liberal peers put the pressure on. “I do think he is a white nationalist, so why apologize? Well I think that we probably shouldn’t be using labels, but he [MILO] announced I think that he’s going to be funding a scholarship for white men and has said a lot of hateful things about women, about minorities, about Muslims. I think that his speech frankly is hate speech personally but he does have a constitutional right to be heard. It’s not the views that I believe in, it’s not the views that the people of Berkeley believe in.”

Mr. Mayor, you may want to do a quick check on how many scholarships and organizations give money only to certain ethnic groups or genders. There are many. And if you can’t take the fact that Milo is calling the Left out on this bigoted practice by saying he will start a fund for those who are always left out of these select groups, then that shows that you are applying your standards unevenly, unfairly. But that’s nothing new.

Americans are tired of the Left’s grandstanding and destruction every time someone says something they don’t like. That makes them no different than an unhinged psychotic who snaps at the slightest thing. We need to stop electing these dangerous people, who think violence is better than diversity of thought. There’s a word for that; anarchy.

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