Bikers for Trump to Defend Trump Supporters from Antifa at Phoenix Rally

Bikers for Trump to Defend Trump Supporters from Antifa at Phoenix Rally

Trump supporters have been attacked repeatedly for their beliefs by the thugs from Antifa and they’re not taking it anymore. They’re not allowing these basement-dwelling punks to make them fear going to a political rally.

Bikers for Trump Arizona is going to provide unofficial security for Trump supporters attending his Phoenix rally and they’re not about to let protesters ruin the event with their violence.

Bikers for Trump and Bikers for Trump Arizona are going to be teaming up to protect the President’s supporters who plan to attend the event. They posted information on their Facebook page, which you can see below:

They are dedicated to keeping their presence peaceful and refuse to be incited into violence by the thugs who will undoubtedly try to do exactly that in the effort to make themselves look like the victims.

I sincerely encourage everyone to have their cameras at the ready, or have some sort of clip-on body cam. If any violence does occur, the media will undoubtedly attempt to spin it to make the bikers look bad. We need as much evidence to the contrary as possible. We may never win over the hearts and minds of liberals, but the truth will be something we have on our side. They can deny it as much as they want, but it will be there, plain as day.

I also suggest the bikers wear something to protect against bottles of urine and balloons of other bodily functions, since those seem to be a cult classic (pun intended) of the movement. It’s a disgusting tactic that they utilize as a way to not only demoralize and embarrass their opponents, but it’s also dangerous for them to use what essentially amount to biological weapons. As much as I don’t want this to devolve into violence, I can’t encourage them to stand idly by when they’re being attacked. They need to defend themselves, but avoid throwing the first punch.

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