Bill Clinton Launches Vile Attack On Trump As Sexual Misconduct Claims Come Back To Haunt Him

Bill Clinton Launches Vile Attack On Trump As Sexual Misconduct Claims Come Back To Haunt Him

Bill Clinton is once again running his mouth for attention. This time, he’s castigating President Trump over his travel ban, among other issues. He’s taking it as a personal affront to his legacy. What a joke. His legacy is a stain on the Oval Office rug. In the New York Times (where else?), he ripped into Trump’s America, Twitter, Fox News and anyone else that allows the President to spread what he terms ‘division’. Missing all that power and money are we Billy boy? Not enough hot and cold running bimbos these days? Give it a rest already.

“Our most important challenge is deciding who we Americans really are — as citizens, communities and a nation. On that, all else depends,” Clinton stated. Well, one thing is for sure… we aren’t the Clintons and thank God for that. Of course, Clinton never mentioned Trump by name. He doesn’t have the spine for that. So, he swipes at him sideways. Coward. What has Clinton’s boxers in a twist is the Supreme Court’s ruling on President Trump’s travel ban. They instated it fully and Clinton is ticked.

The travel ban effects seven different countries including Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela and Yemen. This will prevent potential terrorists from entering America until they are adequately vetted. Clinton and the left keep screaming about Muslims, but North Korea and Venezuela are not Muslim the last time I checked. Put a sock in it already. This is a national security issue and is about keeping America safe.

Bill Clinton in his op-ed went on a tirade about the embrace of “tribalism based on race, religion, sexual identity and place of birth. All too often,” he said, “[it] has replaced inclusive nationalism, in which you can be proud of your tribe and still embrace the larger American community. And too often resentment conquers reason, anger blinds us to answers and sanctimony passes for authenticity,” Clinton said. He said social media platforms – namely Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook – had lessened Americans’ attention span. “Too many social media sites are fever swamps of extremist foreign and domestic invaders,” Clinton said. “Such resolute efforts to abolish the line between fact and fiction, truth and lies, can offset all the benefits of our interconnectedness.”

Bill Clinton hates it that Trump has been so successful using Twitter. He feels that cost his wife the election. That was only one facet that cost her the presidency. There were many others. “When trust vanishes and knowledge is devalued as an establishment defense of the status quo, anything can happen. We already see citizens being disenfranchised by the millions, targeted by race, ethnicity and age not because they are ineligible to vote, but because they favor inclusive, not tribal, nationalism,” Clinton wrote. “People who win ‘in this kind of environment,” he wrote, are “those who already have it made.” More class warfare. SMH.

His references in his writing that pertain to the media are obviously aimed at Fox News. “The least responsible members of the political media, who will prosper covering each new controversy and outrage,” Clinton said. “And the enemies of democracy, who feed the discord and hope that Americans will finally concede that informed self-government no longer works — and perhaps is no longer even possible — in the modern world.” This is Marxist drivel.

Bill Clinton is the one that started our disastrous dealings with North Korea. He also gave our technology to the communist Chinese. He doesn’t ‘approve’ of how Trump is handling anything. Trump may actually fix some of what Bill broke and that would be embarrassing. As usual, Clinton tries to use race and class to divide Americans. But I think most people are sick of that and see right through it anymore. At least I hope so. He also defended Obamacare which has been a massive disaster. Bill Clinton needs to call it a day and step out of politics. Leave Trump alone. New sexual misconduct charges are now surfacing against Clinton. He should tend to those and butt out.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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