Brad Thor Endorses Donald Trump

Brad Thor Endorses Donald Trump

Previously Brad Thor was one of the firmest voices among the conservative anti-Trump resistance. But it appears that talk radio sellouts Hugh Hewitt and Dennis Prager persuaded him to cave in.

Say you have cancer:

Currently, there are only two drugs available that promise a cure.

The first is a decades-old generic, lacking any potency whatsoever. Studies have shown that Drug #1 not only won’t cure the cancer, but that it will actually strengthen it and speed our death. Drug #1 offers no upside whatsoever.

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Drug #2 is being offered out of a clinic in Mexico. It claims to be a surefire, can’t lose, 100% guaranteed treatment. The clinic, though, is run by pockmarked, gold-toothed, oily-haired men in bad suits with absolutely no medical backgrounds. They ogle your wife and daughter incessantly anytime you drop by for more information, and are constantly trying to upsell you into an oceanfront timeshare.

To its credit, though, the clinic is known for having developed a compound from drain cleaner that has increased the muscle mass of midget wrestlers in Tijuana. As proof of its success, the waiting room is adorned with gold-framed pictures. Not so prominently displayed, are the court summonses and the waves of lawsuits from victims of the compound’s side effects. (The clinic’s army of lawyers in Guadalajara handles those).

The clinic is a shady operation at best, but so many people want to believe it has discovered a cure, that they’re willing to pay cash (all up front, no questions asked) to give Drug #2 a chance. After all, what do they have to lose? Drug #1 is a death sentence and everyone knows that the other remedies floating around aren’t powerful enough to cure cancer.

So Thor suggests we go with the Tijuana snake oil. Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

One problem with Thor’s metaphor is that like Hillary, Trump is not a potential cure for the cancer, but a symptom of it. But accepting the metaphor anyway, the argument breaks down when you consider that it is likely Drug #2 would exacerbate the cancer far worse that Drug #1 by discrediting resistance to it. Although many seem not to realize it, this will not be America’s last election. Reducing the GOP to a repellent farce that disgusts most people, especially young people, is not a winning strategy for the future.

Like his named influences Hewitt and Prager, Thor knows perfectly well how grotesquely unfit Donald Trump is. He must be aware that to advise people to vote for him is to explicitly endorse not only Trump’s incompetence, insincerity, unreliability, degeneracy, and Big Government progressivism, but also to endorse silencing dissent and issuing unlawful orders to torture and murder. All three of them surely understand that they have renounced the right to portray themselves as opponents of tyranny.

Yet they want to trade their souls for a bottle of Tijuana snake oil. Bad deal.

Hat tip: New Americana. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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