BREAKING: Mueller Zeroes In On Trump With New Subpoena

BREAKING: Mueller Zeroes In On Trump With New Subpoena

Robert Mueller is always looking for a new target, especially if he can find a way to attack Trump.

Special counsel Mueller recently charged former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn with lying to the FBI, a charge to which Flynn has pleaded guilty.

Just a few weeks ago, Mueller and his staff of Democrats decided that they would be going after both General Michael T. Flynn and his son, Michael G. Flynn. The retired General resigned after confessing inconsistencies to the Trump administration over possible relationships with Russians and Mueller alleged that the two were involved in a coup attempt against President Erdrogan of Turkey as well as overseas money laundering. The younger Flynn tweeted that, “The [Social Justice Warriors] are out full this morning… the disappointment on your faces when I don’t go to jail will be worth all your harassment.”

The lie that Flynn has pleaded guilty to was indeed the one that involved possible Russian connections. So, the lie he will be grilled about is the same one that caused him to resign from the Trump White House just 25 days into his Presidency, because Donald and Mike don’t want any funny business in their offices.

But, Mueller continues his constant, never ending witch hunt and now we’ve learned that he has subpoenaed the Deutsche Bank, one of the largest banks in Germany, several weeks ago. The subpoena is demanding information that they might have on any accounts that are held by either Donald Trump or his family.

Now, I know people who are a lot less important and less wealthy than Trump who own bank accounts in several different countries. If you travel, sometimes it’s easier to just keep up an account in the country that you often visit to avoid the extra exchange fees and to have the luxury of keeping a debit card on you. There’s nothing sinister about having bank accounts in several countries and it’s insane that Mueller would want to dig up the financial records of his whole family, too.

Everyone’s favorite, Tucker Carlson, gets it — the FBI under Mueller is crazy.

So far, the bank has refused to answer specific questions, but said that they always cooperate “with investigating authorities in all countries.” The rumor that Mueller is digging into is one where Trump supposedly owes the bank $300 million, money he used to fund his real estate business.

One executive with the bank who spoke on anonymity said that the bank will share all of their details because they’re hoping the Democrats leave them alone, because they’ve been going nuts for months trying to get information from them in the slightest chance that there’s any connection to Russia.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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