BREAKING NEWS: Stunning Impeachment Announcements Rocks Washington, DC

BREAKING NEWS: Stunning Impeachment Announcements Rocks Washington, DC

Billionaire Tom Steyer, an eco-warrior Democrat, is funding a new “digital army” with only one stated goal: to impeach President Donald Trump.

Steyer has made billions on hedge funds before he retired in 2012 and has spent tens of millions trying to elect Democrats, and now he has given over $20 million starting with television ads calling to impeach Trump.

Tom Steyer says that Trump’s firing of James Comey from his position in the FBI is an “obstruction of justice” and therefore he should be up for impeachment proceedings. As well, he alleges that Trump takes foreign money.

Steyer plans to further support his beliefs by refusing to give money to Democrats that refuse to support the impeachment of Donald Trump.

Right now, the billionaire says that he has almost 4 million signatures on his website, NeedToImpeach Dot Com and says that he will spend whatever it takes to get that number up to 5 million. He intends to build up a mailing list that is even bigger than the one earned by Bernie Sanders, who had over 5 million names.

Now, I work in online digital strategy. I do it cheap, because it’s easy to do a good job fast and cheap when you’ve got the truth and memes on your side. One of the most striking differences between the left and the right when it comes to online strategy is that the right pays very little money because when free speech is free, right-wing talking points float to the top. The left has been pouring lots of money into trying to turn those online conversations around. After Obama, we were told that the left owned the online space and that they owned all these tech companies and therefore would always own social media. But Trump never would have won if it wasn’t for Twitter and funny Photoshopped pictures.

We’ve written about Tom Steyer before, when we found out last spring that he manages to out-spend billionaire George Soros when it comes to left-wing causes. Steyer has quietly given over $66 million to Democrats in 2016, but another paper suggested that that number topped $85 million. At the time we noted that Steyer likes to fund not just candidates, but also environmental protests.

Steyer funds the pro-liberal journalism group ProPublica that, along with Soros and Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey is able to give out millions in grants to allow ProPublica to continue to fund left-wing journalism.

Tom Steyer is one of those left-wing billionaires who gets off scot-free in the press while people like the Mercers and the Koch brothers are constantly dragged through the mud for their preference to fund conservatives.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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