BREAKING: President Trump SIGNS Executive Order – Dismantling Obamacare! [VIDEO]

BREAKING: President Trump SIGNS Executive Order – Dismantling Obamacare! [VIDEO]

President Trump just made millions of Americans VERY happy. He just announced that he will be taking executive action on Obamacare. If Congress can’t get their act together and do something to ease the suffering of Americans over healthcare, the President has decided to do it himself. I’m all for that at this point. He is proposing a plan that could let employers band together and offer coverage across state lines. President Trump will sign the executive order this morning and its primary aim is to offer “alternatives” to Obamacare plans and increase competition to bring down costs. Some Americans have had as many as four healthcare plans fail and their premiums have skyrocketed in cost to the point that it costs more than a car payment and in some cases, more than a mortgage.

“The time has come to give Americans the freedom to purchase health insurance across state lines, which will create a truly competitive national marketplace that will bring costs way down and provide far better care,” Trump said in a statement. This is something that conservatives like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have wanted from the beginning. Trump will direct the Secretary of Labor to consider expanding access to Association Health Plans, which could allow employers to form groups across state lines offering coverage. According to the White House, these plans could offer lower rates. Finally, a sane move on healthcare.

The “association health plans” that Trump is referring to could be shielded from some state and federal insurance requirements. Participating employers cannot exclude any workers from these plans, or charge more to those in poor health. The EO also requests that other federal agencies consider expanding coverage in low-cost, short-term insurance plans not subject to Obamacare rules. This probably won’t stop insurers exiting state markets. As it stands now, only about half of US counties will have only one Obamacare insurer next year. However, it now appears that no counties will be without an insurance carrier as was initially feared. It’s still not a full repeal of Obamacare or a final solution, but it’s at least some relief.

Republicans couldn’t get their act together enough to repeal Obamacare. Since they control the House, the Senate and the Presidency, the American people are fed up with them. Trump’s EO may clear the way for cheaper, more bare-bones insurance policies. The order is probably going to get push back from medial association, consumer groups and even insurers. These are the same asshats that have stonewalled and blocked the Republicans. And once again they are lying, saying that it will raise costs for the sick, while the lower-premium coverage for healthy people would come with significant gaps. They are also concerned about regulation. We’re concerned about cost and coverage.

White House domestic policy director Andrew Bremberg told the media during a conference call Thursday that the executive order is necessary because Obamacare has caused “costs to skyrocket.” He did say this will affect tens of millions of Americans and that they will be taking further action in the coming months on healthcare. Trump hopes these actions will be implemented within six months, but it could take longer. It’s definitely a step in the right direction.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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