BREAKING: Trump Signs NEW Executive Order – MAKING CUTS!

BREAKING: Trump Signs NEW Executive Order – MAKING CUTS!

Like Barack Obama before him, Donald Trump is fond of ruling the country via executive fiat. Rather than working to advance his agenda through the legislative branch of government, Trump has been following in Obama’s footsteps, passing executive orders instead. Luckily, his executive orders have been largely supported by the American people — will they like his newest executive order, too?


Trump signed a new executive order today slashing federal regulations that he says are overly onerous for businesses. “This executive order is one of many ways we’re going to get real results when it comes to removing job-killing regulations and unleashing economic opportunity,” he said. “The regulatory burden is for the people behind me and for small companies. It’s an impossible situation and we’re going to solve it very quickly.”

According to White House estimates, federal regulations cost the economy over $2 trillion in 2015. And it’s this that Trump wants to do away with.

“Today this executive order directs each agency to establish a regulatory reform task force. It will ensure that every agency has a team of dedicated people to research all regulations that are unnecessary, burdensome and harmful to the economy, and harmful to the creation of jobs and business,” he explained. Under the new order, federal agencies will have 90 days to come up with regulations that can either be done away with completely, or simplified.

“Every regulation should have to pass a simple test: Does it make life better or safer for American workers or consumers? If the answer is no, we will be getting rid of it and getting rid of it quickly,” he said. “We will stop punishing companies for doing business in the United States. It’s going to be absolutely just the opposite. They’re going to be incentivized to doing business in the United States.”

Trump noted that he wants the United States to once again be a place where businesses can grow and thrive. “We’re working very hard to roll back the regulatory burden so that coal miners, factory workers, small business owners and so many others can grow their businesses and thrive. We cannot allow government to be an obstacle to government opportunity,” Trump said. “We’re going to put the regulation industry out of work and out of business. And by the way, I want regulation. I want to protect our environment. I want regulations for safety. I want all of the regulations that we need and I want them to be so strong and so tough. But we don’t need 75 percent of the repetitive, horrible regulations that hurt companies, hurt jobs.”

Do you agree with his new order?

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