BREAKING: You won’t believe who’s singing for Trump and Melania’s Inaugural Dance!

BREAKING: You won’t believe who’s singing for Trump and Melania’s Inaugural Dance!

Looks like a HUGE name will be singing for Donald and Melania Trump at the Inaugural Dance… someone I grew up simply loving and having lived in Vegas for many years, came to adore… Paul Anka. He wrote ‘My Way’ for Frank Sinatra and he has rewritten the song now in honor of his old friend Donald Trump. I can’t wait to hear it while the First Couple dances. Anka wrote ‘Having My Baby’ as well as ‘She’s A Lady’ for Tom Jones and the theme music for Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show. Anyone who is from Vegas has seen him and adores his music. I remember sitting in the front row (comped) for Frank Sinatra Jr. and loving every minute of Anka’s song and more. Good times.

Can you imagine an entire song being rewritten for the President-elect? It kind of gives you chills. Rapper FloRida will be there. Not much into rap, but it should be a hit with the millennials. Plus, I don’t think we know of everyone that will be performing yet. But Anka will be a highlight for many, many people.

I think it is a crying shame that so many are dissing this historic inauguration and I think it will come back to bite them big time. It’s an honor to perform for an incoming president regardless of the politics. Shame on these people.


From Radar Online:

President Donald Trump did it his way — and Paul Anka will let him know it!

A source close to the “(You’re) Having My Baby” crooner, 75, told Radar exclusively that he will buck the trend of most singers and perform his song “My Way” at the Inauguration January 20. . .with lyrics re-written for the incoming Commander-In-Chief!

“Paul was asked by the members of the Trump inauguration committee and he was only too happy to do it for his longtime friend,” said an Anka insider.

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“While everyone else was running scared from performing at the inauguration, Paul stood fast,” the source added. “He wasn’t about to be intimated by anyone!”

Anka wrote such well-known music as the theme for The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson and one of Tom Jones’s biggest hits, “She’s a Lady.”

He also wrote the English lyrics for Frank Sinatra’s signature song, “My Way,” which has been covered by many including Elvis Presley.

“Now, Paul has re-written those lyrics especially for Donald Trump, which he will perform during the inaugural dance for Donald and his lovely First Lady, Melania” said the source.

So far, we know that Jackie Evancho will be there, along with the New York Rockettes and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Trump is truly a man of the people and not the Hollywood elite it would seem and this bears that out. The important people will be there… the common man. The rest can stuff it as far as America is concerned.

You know who else will be there? The military, the police and the first responders who all love Donald Trump. Bikers for Trump is bringing a huge crowd and they will be there to counter protesters against the new President-elect. It’s going to be a wild party with or without celebrities. Things are turning in the US and America is just not that into A-listers anymore. But Paul Anka’s friendship to Trump has always been solid.

And in the end, it was the common man who elected Trump, not Hollywood. The last president was Hollywood’s and look where that got us. Point made.

Paul Anka

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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