Breitbart: Trump’s A Big Tent Guy Who’s Forcing GOP To Attack Itself

Breitbart writer Charles Hurt is Very Upset that anyone dares challenge Donald Trump

The Nuclear Option: ‘Big Tent’ Trump Forcing Party to Attack Itself

(A couple paragraphs on the Romney/Establishment loss, which led to that “autopsy” document, forgetting that the GOP regained the Senate, took even more House seats, and took even more governorships and state assemblies)

Four years hence, we see a juggernaut front-runner who is reaching and appealing to new voters in creative ways with a fresh message the likes of which Republicans have not seen in recent memory. Donald Trump is precisely the candidate the GOP autopsy envisioned, down to the clarion plea that Republicans once and for all finally deal with illegal immigration.

Establishment Republicans’ response, however, has been anything but in keeping with the autopsy. They are pulling out all the stops to thwart the will of Republican voters.

Can you guess which word appears nowhere within the article? It would be “conservative”.

Interesting that one of the first things they accused Trump of was being a “racist” for wanting to stop illegal immigration. Isn’t it funny how quickly Republicans turn into Democrats at the first sign of trouble?

Except it wasn’t most Republicans doing that. It certainly wasn’t Conservatives. What we have criticized him for was his plan to legalize all the illegals once he built this wall which Mexico is going to pay for (or something). I agree that we want to keep some of them, and they would have to pay fines, along with the fees that those attempting to do it legally from the get go pay. They must speak English. They cannot be a drain on society and taxpayer money. Heck, I met a delightful young lady who was brought to the county illegally when she was 11, and has been here for 12 years. She was smart, spoke excellent English, and was trying to become a citizen. She loved America. That’s who we want.

But, we don’t want them all. And Trump wants to give most of them “touchback” amnesty.

Another thing these people don’t like is all these new people streaming into Ronald Reagan’s “big tent” and jubilantly voting for a Republican. Sure, some small percentage might be Democrats trying to booby trap the Republican Party. But the vast majority of these new voters are independents, Democrats and long-disaffected Republicans enthusiastically casting their votes for Donald Trump.

Here’s the thing about Trump: he’s not a conservative, and about as squishy a Republican as you can get. He holds many Democratic Party beliefs. When he says “I used to believe in a single payer health system but I don’t now”, can you believe him? When his campaign lies about harming a reporter (Michelle Fields), denigrates her, then doubles and triples down in the face of evidence, can you trust him? When he used to support an assault weapons ban and more restrictions on legal gun ownership, but tells you he’s a total believer of the 2nd Amendment, can you believe him now? He’s still a big supporter of Planned Parenthood, which really is all about abortion. They do not perform much else when it comes to women’s “health”. I could run through many issues, and you have to ask yourself “does he still believe that stuff now and he’s lying to us, or has he changed?”

Reagan’s big tent was based on bringing people to the conservative viewpoint, not a squishy center which includes Democrat positions.

The problem with Trump’s big tent is that it doesn’t seem to want to include the Conservative base, hence, he might as well be an Establishment guy, what is being called the GOPe these days. He may be bringing out others, but, will they be there on election day in November?

As for forcing the GOP to attack itself, well, that happens during election cycles. Welcome to Politics 101. But, certainly, Hurst finds it despicable for anyone to dare stand in the way of Trump. And, the people in the comments are saying the same thing. Go ahead, try and write anything in opposition to Trump in the comments. It won’t be pretty.

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