Cheney: “Trump Sounds Like A Liberal Democrat”

Via Twitchy, we see two story threats. First we have

Not so much. As Jonah Goldberg noted in responding to many, well, let’s charitably call them idiots, Saddam was a big supporter of Middle East terrorism. He paid families to send their kids off to be suicide bombers in Israel. There were numerous terrorism training camps within Iraq, many which were found during the 2003 invasion. He celebrated 9/11. He tried to kill George HW Bush. He harbored Abu Nidal, Abu Abbas, and, let’s not forget Al Qaeda member Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. The 9/11 Commission mentioned all the terrorism and terrorist support by Saddam. In all fairness, this didn’t mean he actively supported al Qaeda, but, he did support terrorism. We could discuss this ad nauseum, but, at this point, you surely know the whole story.

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Which leads to this (video at the link)

He does. He’s reminding me of what James Delingpole calls “watermelons”, who are environmentalists who are “green on the outside, red on the inside”, a reference to all the socialists/communists and their supporters who decided to move into environmentalism as the Soviet Union collapsed. Trump seems red (Republican) on the outside, but is apparently blue (Democrat) on the inside. Why do so many of his positions end up having Dem endings? He wants to build a border wall? Yay! And once the wall is built he’ll give “touchback” amnesty, for which the touchback will never happen? Boo. Now he’s going 9/11 Truther and talking up Saddam Hussein. He’s yammering about the Iraq War in the exact same manner as Democrats.

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