The Clinton Campaign spent THIS much more than Trump… and she STILL lost! [VIDEO]

The Clinton Campaign spent THIS much more than Trump… and she STILL lost! [VIDEO]

This is just embarrassing for Hillary Clinton. Not only did she far outspend Donald Trump on the campaign trail and still lose to him, he out-raised her in funds as well. Not to mention the billions in free advertising Trump got for being, well, an entertainer. Every time he said something, they came running and everyone else was forgotten… especially the Hildabeast. Trump is a master marketer and he plays the media like a cat plays with a mouse. One guess who is the cat and who is the mouse.

Comparatively speaking, President Barack Obama’s campaign spent $176.4 million from Oct. 18th to Nov. 26th, 2012. Republican nominee Mitt Romney reported spending $105.3 million in the same period. That makes Trump look like a genius having only spent $94.5 million in the same time period and it makes Clinton look like the Marxist she is with her having spent $131.8 million. I guess being a businessman makes a difference after all.


From CNBC:

Donald Trump‘s campaign spending kept trailing rival Hillary Clinton’s cash burn ahead of his surprise presidential victory last month and after it.

The Republican candidate spent $94.5 million from Oct. 28 to Nov. 28, while his Democratic rival spent $131.8 million in the same period, according to Federal Election Commission reports filed Thursday. Clinton’s spending spiked much more dramatically in the final days — Trump’s expenses rose from about $49 million in the Oct. 1 to Oct. 19 period, while Clinton’s climbed from about $50 million.

Trump topped Clinton in receipts for the period, bringing in $86.1 million versus Clinton’s $70.2 million. Just over half of Trump’s cash came in the form of transfers from other committees, such as fundraising operations with the Republican Party. Trump personally gave $10 million to his campaign in that period, bringing his total contributions for the cycle to more than $65 million.

Trump mounted an upset victory even as he consistently spent less than Clinton, and most other recent presidential nominees, throughout the race. Trump, of course, received estimated billions of dollars in free media due to bizarre and controversial statements on the campaign trail.

For those who keep saying President-elect Trump is stupid, exactly who is the moron here? Seems to me he has literally thought circles around everyone out there. He’s playing chess while most of his detractors are playing checkers and then eating them. Both candidates increased spending in the final days before the election. But Trump spent his in states that would win him the Presidency. Hillary miscalculated and did not go to those areas that could have carried her… she got arrogant and thought she had it in the bag.

It wasn’t just Clinton who was shocked by Trump’s win… it was most of the country. But he carried the Brexit fever to the polls and implemented the populism here in the States that is spreading like wildfire across Europe. It was savvy marketing and branding that made the day and tapping into what Americans were truly concerned over.

Trump’s online ad campaigns via social media eviscerated Clinton. Her YouTube and television ad campaigns did not even come close. Trump knows how to sell himself and win. In retrospect, Clinton never stood a real chance in this political climate.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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